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We’re bombarded with perfection every day. All of social media constantly shows us the perfection that exists for everyone else. It’s so easy to feel like we don’t measure up when we start to think like this:

I need to be prettier.

I need to have an amazing job.

I need to be slimmer.

I need to make more money.

I need to be a better mother/wife/girlfriend.

I need to be more stylish.

I need to create gourmet meals every night.

I need to clean and decorate my home perfectly.

I need to do all. the. things.

How do you combat the feelings of never being good enough, of never doing enough? Is it even possible?

Yes, it is possible, and I’m going to give you some suggestions for doing just that.

How do you combat the feelings of never being good enough, of never doing enough? Here are some of the best tips to improve self-worth!

Believe You Are Worthy

The very first — and most important — thing to understand is the phrase that can change your life.

I know the saying “you are enough” is everywhere these days, but I prefer “you are worthy” because it removes the tendency for comparison. It’s simply a statement of fact.

You are worthy…

Of joy

Of friendship

Of love

Of fulfillment

Of a beautiful life

Never, ever feel that you could have these things “if only you were a little better at… [insert stupid arbitrary standard here].”

You. Are. Worthy.

Do you believe that? I believe you are!

You. Are. Worthy.

The first step to attaining all of those wonderful things you are worthy of is BELIEVING IT.

Then, you need to KEEP believing it.

And that, my friend, is the hard part.

How do you combat the feelings of never being good enough, of never doing enough? Here are some of the best tips to improve self-worth!

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Take a Social Media Break

I know, I know… you probably think you don’t spend much time on social media.

But think about this… how many perfect homes/meals/outfits/makeup schemes did you look at on Instagram or Pinterest today?

How many videos did you watch on Facebook or YouTube about the “best” or “easiest” way to do something, yet when you tried it was a disaster?

Hint: Those videos are practiced over and over, then filmed as many times as necessary to make them look perfect. Of COURSE you’re not going to get it right the first time!

Step back. Take a break for a day or a week. Block the apps from your phone and computer if you have to. Stop the comparison cycle, and you will be better equipped to get your mind in the right place to make positive changes and believe the GOOD about yourself.

Make a List of the Things That Make You Happy

It doesn’t matter if you’re “good” at something or not. What makes you incredibly happy when you’re completely engrossed in it?

Make a list, and then do those things. Even if it’s just one little thing every day.

For heavens’ sake, watch a funny movie or television show. I promise, you will feel better. I’m not saying you should spend an entire weekend having a Netflix binge while eating pizza and chocolate. But an hour or so of laughter? It could be just what you need!

Life Still Takes Work

Stupid life things will still happen.

For example, does it seem like your job has been horrible for the past year? You have two choices:

Change your attitude.

– or –

Change your job.

Neither is easy. But you must make the best choice for you and make the change, because YOU ARE WORTHY of a beautiful life.

This applies to pretty much everything. Please don’t sit back, retreating further into misery and sadness every day, believing you don’t have the power to make a change.

You have the power — because YOU ARE WORTHY.

Believe it.

While I’ve got you, fancy learning how to take advantage of your introverted qualities? I’m offering free worksheets to help you! Just click the button below to have it emailed to you:

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Thanks Julie for this positive image! We both hope you enjoyed it. Do go check out her blog below.

Julie Hage is a wife, working mother, and owner of the blog Filling the Jars. Her life philosophy is “Make it Easy” and her passion is teaching overwhelmed women how to build their Best Life through planning, simplifying, and taking action. When Julie is not reading or browsing Pinterest, she is writing short stories. Visit her Amazon author page to learn more about her newest release.

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