Living frugally has many benefits for your anxiety. I'm going to explain why.

You might have noticed how much I’m going on about anxiety and why living frugally is so good for it.

Honestly I wouldn’t go on about something so much if I didn’t believe it! From a personal point of view, I’ve found contentment with my life now through accepting my anxiety. This is a direct link for my through living frugally and accepting my situation as a whole.

I’m going to explain a bit more on why I believe it. You may laugh at me but have a read and see what you think! Go on. I dare you.

Money worries are a huge burden on my anxiety. Living frugally helps this.

I have always been a worrier. Worrying about money is second nature to me now and I can make myself physically sick through worrying over it. It’s stupid. Very stupid. I know you’re thinking it because I’m a mind reader! I’m not really but it is a little stupid.

That doesn’t stop me from worrying about money. You’re probably reading this because you’re quite similar to me. We are told on a regular basis not to worry about things out of our control. Money unfortunately is something we can control (to a certain extent). We control our budget, our spending, our living costs, etc. and this is why you and I worry about it.

I can feel myself rationalising my anxiety which is something I do on a regular basis but I am leading onto something I promise!

The decision to live frugally hasn’t happened over night. But I can tell you this. It is something that will set you free from your anxiety (even if just a little). In just a few steps, you can officially call yourself a frugalista (haha) and relax a little.

Well I say a few steps. It’s not that simple and I’m not going to tell you that you will become magically frugal. But these are there to guide you if you want to live a more frugal lifestyle.

Making small changes to your money situation can help ease the burden you carry around on your shoulders day by day. Things like using a slow cooker for meals, finding frugal hobbies or paying off your debts step by step will ease the pressure you put on yourself. I know this because I am the worst for it. You can also find some useful tips here on ways you can live more frugally.

Once you start making these small steps you should find even just a little weight off your shoulders will come off.

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Living frugally gives you more control over your life and your anxiety.

For some, being out of control in certain situations is a massive cause of uneasiness and anxiety. I think I’m one of them. If you’re a little like me, lack of planning and organisation can be a great source of anxiety.

So by bringing in certain steps that living frugally entails, you may find your anxiety levels going down.

Examples include creating meal plans. Planning the days out and knowing what you’ll be making/eating can lower stress levels quite effectively. When you know what you’re cooking, you know what to buy at the supermarket. Instant stress reliever right there.

Writing a shopping list can also help. Living frugally means less excessive spending and making savings where possible. Having a list stops you from spending money at the convenience store because you’ll have everything at home ready. The only thing it will mean is preparing!

This also ties in with knowing what you’re putting into your body. Living frugally means making more food from scratch but it means you know exactly what’s gone into making it. This might be something you value quite importantly especially if you have children.

Frugality has an element of organisation. This will help you and your anxiety.

Organisation is also a major help with your anxiety. I covered this in a previous post here. But living frugally does encompass organising to a certain extent and is what helps you save money.

To give you a bit of an idea of what I am actually banging on about, I mean things like meal planning. I’ve mentioned this above but without planning and a bit of organisation you won’t be able to plan your meals. You’ll need ingredients and spices to make them, and you need to know you have these in your cupboard.

In relation to this, when living frugally you have to be organised with coupons (if you use them), know when deals run out on certain items, and keep track of use-by dates in your cupboard. To get the most out of your budget you have to have a little idea on the above. You could write lists on your use-by dates if that helps you, and maybe another list on any good deals you’ve found.

In turn you may notice less stress when knowing when to use food and what you’ll be eating. It removes the hassle of knowing what to have for tea because you’ll already have planned it.

Frugal-ness allows you to get creative. A great distraction and resolution to anxiousness.

I’m only scratching the surface when I say this. There are literally thousands of ideas to cut out costs in your life through doing it yourself. You’ll have fun doing them, and will save yourself money! Here are some examples for you:

Making your own home decor items. For example:

Creating your own paintings

Decorating your mirrors

Painting mason jars

Decorating mugs with your own design

Making bookshelves using crates

Making a no-sew cushion cover for your bedroom or living room

Create your own household cleaners

Making home-made Ragu sauces for your Bolognese and pasta dishes

Grow your own herbs and veg (a fantastic hobby to do with your other half/children)

Other fantastic DIY projects to try

I hope you’ve found this useful, what do you do to ease your anxiety with living frugally? I’d love to hear from you – I’d like some more inspiration for sure!

16 comments on “Why Living Frugally Benefits Your Anxiety”

    • My mother and my dad’s mother always said the little mantra, “use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”. Today, I say it to my own children! I still try to follow it. 🙂 It works and it’s so very true especially in today’s world!

  1. This is so true! I did not realize how much money worries contributed to my overall anxiety until I started living on budget. Knowing what I have to spend and where I will spend it helps keep me organized in my spending. Whenever I go over budget and rack up more debt, that I am trying to get paid off, I feel my anxiety increase. It feels good to save and get creative! Thank-you for sharing!

    • Hi Joce! It’s so true, it was the same for me! Although I’m tighter on myself nowadays I actually feel more free and a little bit stronger! Keep it up though, and don’t beat yourself up if you go over budget (even though it’s hard not to). Well done for gaining control. I think control really helps with anxiety!

  2. Great post! Like Christina I hadn’t really made the connection between getting organised and lowering anxiety, but it really makes a lot of sense!

    • Hi Bree! Thanks for commenting, it took me ages to make the connection as well! I love and hate money, and spend most of the time varying between the two. I’m glad its helped a little though, having a bit more control over my life has really helped with my anxiety at least anyway! Hope all is well. 🙂

  3. What I have found is to focus on balance, knowing when spending a little on yourself is valuable (mostly it isn’t, experience is far more important than possessions or quick gratification). But spending $50 on something that you need and will create numerous positive experiences is far better than $300 per month on eating out. With my child, I purchased a baby food maker knowing that the cost of buying prepared baby food was going to add up quickly. The act of planning helps, but understanding that experiencing life in a much more real manner will take you the whole nine yards.

    • Hi Daniel, I definitely agree with you – it is about getting the right balance, and sometimes you have to spend money to save money. You give an insightful look into it which is great. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this! I think it comes down to a healthy feeling of control over your environment (and what is a more crucial area for this than money!). I completely agree that preparing finances trickles down to every other area (meals, home decor etc.) and getting creative in those areas actually
    relieves stress instead of causing it:) Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Hi Brittany, I completely agree – without control I always feel more anxious! You’re are so right as well – everything is connected to money and is probabaly why money is the number one worry. Thanks for your input!

  5. Lovely post ^.^ i started being frugal a few years ago to cope with stress. Preparing for coupon trips gave my anxious self something to work towards and a sense of direction/future. (And some awesome free/cheap stuff)
    Lovely ideas here, now i’m tempted to decorate some mason jars ^.^

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