I’m a full on weirdo. Just ask my fiance, he will 100% agree right now. I am who I am, just like you are you. But, that’s okay, you know?

Today I want to tell you that it’s okay to be weird. It’s okay to be unique, special and amazing. Why? It’s because every day I call myself a weirdo. Sometimes I laugh at this fact, sometimes I hate it. My day-to-day mood affects how I embrace my weirdness in all of it’s glory.

But I wouldn’t change a thing. As I grow older, my lack of patience with boring-ness grows bigger. I make time for my blogger friends and the few close real friends I have. But it’s worth saying that it’s not always been like that either.

There was a day where I would do anything to be someone else, and would do anything to please other people. Today I want you to realise that your weirdness makes you you, and please don’t EVER change for someone else.

How? Read on.

You ARE special. You ARE amazing. You ARE unique. Accept your weirdness in all of its glory, or suffer because of it. Embrace yourself now.

Being weird is a negative word, with a positive stance

I don’t know about you but the word ‘weird’ to me will always sound negative. It segregates you from everyone else and fulfills that self-proficy of self-loathing. That is, only if you let it.

Being weird makes you beautiful. Being weird makes you interesting and fun. Being weird put you apart from everyone else, and seriously, I lOVE THAT ABOUT YOU. So many of you write to me and leave me messages. Do you think you would do that to someone you couldn’t relate to?

Turn that negative view of ‘weird’ and turn it into something positive. Remember that being weird actually really beings being unique. You are unlike everyone else and that’s not bad, that’s actually a really great quality. Don’t conform to what you think you should be, conform to what you shouldn’t be. That’s the true meaning of being weird.

You don’t need to please everyone, not EVER

Another problem with the word ‘weird’ is that by trying not to be weird, you’re trying to fit in. You’re trying to please other people and you shouldn’t ever have to feel that way. I’ve written about having more confidence in yourself before in past posts here and here. Why? Because so many of us (me being one of them too), try to make everyone else happy.

We try to have an easy life in return for settling for less and that makes me so angry. Don’t ever do that. In doing so you become a sheep. You’re following the crowd to blend in with the background. If you don’t know it now, you’ll realise eventually that that is a VERY boring life to lead.

Please yourself and no-one else. Make YOU happy. No-one else is going to give you that except yourself.

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Shine bright with your personality

Don’t you just love it when you meet someone who is funny, quirky or cool? They might look like normal people to everyone else, but to you they are interesting and unique. Those are the people that seem to shine. They have confidence and are comfortable in their own body. That’s ideally where you want to be, too.

Personality wins. Always. Everyone has one and everyone is different.

So, shine bright. Let your personality come and out don’t feel bad for being weird. Weird is beautiful too and those are people I want to spend all my time with. I, nor others I suspect, have no time for someone with no personality. It’s worth noting that it’s unlikely those people who aren’t letting themsleves go don’t have a persaonility, they just don’t know how to show it.

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If this is you, where you feel uncomfortable in lettinng your true colurs shine, that’s also okay. It’s not easy for introverts to let their personaility out. Sometimes it takes months for you to get to know someone enough to free those barriers.

The first step is to try. When you don’t try, you’re going to get nowhere. Life experiences don’t happen unless you take the plunge. You can do this by letting small details out bit by bit, at a pace you feel comfortable at. There’s no need to rush this. Those around you won’t even blink an eyelid.

Everything is worse in your head. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

Once you get yourself going, keep going. Letting out these small details bit by it will get easier. Eventually you’ll be able to ask yourself why you found it so scary in the first place. You’ll get to that point where i am now where you have no shame, haha. You won’t think twice about speaking before thinking, to your demise or not!

Wallow in self confidence – you deserve it

Okay. I know that is a pretty strong statement right there. Wallowing in self confidence has a cocky-like impression to it and that’s not really what I’m getting at. What I want you to think is about your self-worth, and in turn your self confidence. Remember that anyone would be LUCKY to be around around you.

Anxiety has a habit of chipping away at your confidence, before you even realise it. Please please don’t let it.

You know those times when you consider yourself ‘OK’? When you think that maybe you are a decent person? That you aren’t so bad at crocheting/swimming/drawing/etc? It’s those moments that you need to grab with both hands. Hold on to them as they will easily pass as quickly as they emerged.

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Write your thoughts down if possible. Making a note of these moments means they are less easy to forget and push aside. Honestly, it’ll be the best thing you ever do.

Once you’ve done this, wallow in it. You SERIOUSLY deserve this. Bask in all of your glory. HAHA.

As you can see, all f my points are tough. They are changes to yur way of life. Accepting that you are weird (read unique, special and AMAZING) is a long journey that takes time. You won’t get there straight away and you won’t always accept that you’re weird.

But, that’s okay too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read! Let me know what you think in the commens below. I’d love to hear ftom you. <3

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