Happy Friday! If you’re part of my fellow followers, you’ll know that I did my first ever Facebook Live. It was a success! There were a few technical difficulties (like me having my tablet on mute, not opening the comments and not realising we weren’t even connected), but the overall response was great.

Thank you to everyone who watched patiently whilst I blabbered through my first live video. At one point there was 11 of you! Although to some this may seem small, knowing that 11 of you were watching at one point really helped me carry on. Knowing that I could answer your questions in person and give immediate help was a great feeling.

Look out for some more coming your way! I may even make this a weekly thing. It was actually really fun (despite the technical issues I had).

So, here are the bits that I covered (including the bits that aren’t included in the video due to no sound (lol…):

Learn my tips and ideas to help you with your anxiety. You'll learn about how to cope with anxiety, how to treat it, and some final thoughts

Coping with your anxiety:

  • Journaling
  • ranting
  • grounding
  • meditation

Treating anxiety:

  • Medication
  • The natural way (exercise, diet)

Final thoughts


Please bear in mind that this is my first ever video! The quality isn’t great and I know that I move around a lot, but I really hope you like it.

**Bonus** I talk about my grey hair towards the end – just because I know you’ll be over the moon about hearing about that. 🙂

Here we are:

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Plus, as I’ve been asked lots of questions since doing this, here are some of the ideas I’ve got for future Facebook Live videos:

  • Learning to love yourself despite anxiety
  • Not letting it get the better of you
  • The feeling that nothing will ever change
  • More ways to treat anxiety
  • More ways to cope with anxiety
  • Information on where to get help in your area

That’s it so far! Honestly, I’m really excited to get another one going. I love knowing that I can help you in your battle through anxiety. If you’ve enjoyed this video, you should probably check out my eCourse which is launching soon. Get your name down on the list to get updates as soon as it is released.

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That’s it from me today!

Thanks again for being there with me. Knowing that I’m giving you tools to succeed really keeps me going.

Speak soon

Jess x x

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