Do you ever feel like you could blow your top? Learn why it’s good for you and how to let out your frustrations in a healthy way.

Today is a shortish post compared to my usual ones but I felt the need to address this.

When I was younger, I wouldn’t ever let any of my feelings out (good or bad – it didn’t matter). I went along with whatever everyone else was doing and put myself last. I had serious issues with my self-confidence (or lack thereof) and was told I’d probably implode at some point by friends.

Who would’ve that that statement would come true? I didn’t. I thought at the time that I was normal and that everyone else was like me. I thought I was just shy and generally a nervous person who just kept things in a bit.

I got told I was cold-hearted and didn’t care. It wasn’t that I didn’t care, it was that I didn’t care enough to share my feelings. I felt that the last thing anyone ever wanted to do was listen to my stupid opinion.

I basically stopped putting up with crap.

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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you’ll know that things changed 2 years ago for me. I stopped caring what everyone else thought of me and gained confidence in myself. But then I was also signed off work for 4 weeks in total (bearing in mind that was the first time I’ve ever been signed off from work EVER). This was a bit deal for me.

Now I don’t promote shouting at people. I’m not promoting being rude or putting everyone else’s feelings after you. I’m saying that there is a fine balance between caring about yourself and others. It should be equal. There’s nothing wrong with looking after yourself as well as everyone else too.

Do you ever feel like you could blow your top? Learn why it's good for you and how to let out your frustrations in a healthy way.

How did I gain confidence? I started to vent. I started to complain more and voice my own opinions. I wanted to respect myself more and have more confidence in my own actions, this was the way I did it. I basically stopped putting up with crap.

Why does this matter to you? Because you are also important in all of this. You and your opinions matter too, you know. I want you to realise that. Anxiety makes it really difficult to value yourself and validate your own feelings.

Have you ever thought about how other people seem to be okay and you’re not? like everyone else can be confident in their own thoughts and actions but you questions your own?

Venting is something that you need to do. You need to show others that you have an opinion. That it is actually very healthy and positive for your mental health.

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But how do you get over your fear of sharing your opinion? How can you move forward?

First, remember that venting leads on to solutions. It allows you to process your thoughts and come up with ways to move forward. If you don’t ever address you issues, how are you going to be able to resolve them?

A good rant/vent can help bring your stress levels down in a safe environment

On this note, find someone to vent to. Is there someone who you can truly rant to without feeling bad? It doesn’t matter who it is, as long as you feel comfortable in sharing your opinion with them. A good rant/vent can help bring your stress levels down in a safe environment.

Don’t feel like talking to anyone? Get it out by doing some exercise. Beat up a pillow if it helps (it could help you). There’s something quite satisfying about letting out frustrations this way – it can actually be really therapeutic. Exercise is a really good way to bring down your stress levels too and help you deal whatever it is that is causing you trouble.

None of those taking your fancy? How about getting your writing cap on? Writing out your feelings (like I’m doing right now) can help you process your thoughts and keep your mind in check. It’s a great stress reliever and helps you figure out your issues and how to resolve them. Honestly, it’s a great tool in helping with your anxiety too.

Do you ever feel like you could blow your top? Learn why it's good for you and how to let out your frustrations in a healthy way - read now and don't forget your free anxiety checklist!

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So there we have it.

Some really simple ideas to keep you going when you need to vent. As you can see, venting might feel bad, but in the long run, it’s actually quite healthy. After all, we have no issue smiling and laughing, why isn’t it the same when we’re crying and feeling angry?

Exactly. So, let’s vent together! Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts/suggestions.

Ta ta for now!

2 comments on “Why Venting is Healthy and Why You Should Do More Of it + FREE Checklist”

  1. I started journaling because I am one of those who takwho take care of others’ needs before my own. I couldn’t say no but I am learning to. That was why I refused to take any positions at church son that i can focus on me more. I even stopped cooking every day for my husband who prefers his food freshly cooked. Now he is eating leftovers.

    • Hi Erica

      Thanks for commenting and giving me your point of view, it’s always appreciated. I agree that you should try and put yourself first sometimes, even if it’s really hard. Those close to you are much more likely going to want you in good health rather than not. There’s also nothing wrong with not cooking for your husband either – sometimes you need a break!

      I hope you continue to look after yourself and get to a place that you’re happy with. All the best!

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