Whether you have anxiety or not, here are some really helpful tips to improving your self-worth and confidence. Don’t let anything stop you!

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Every day, you and me, (and men) are preened by the news, magazines and Internet to think poorly about ourselves.

We’re told we need the latest razors, anti-aging cream, and hair products. From a certain age were expected to hold certain standards and look a certain way. It starts from a very young age, too.

It’s no wonder then that I grew up feeling shameful about my body and my self-image. I went through years of debilitating shyness, lack of confidence and anxiety.

I blame some of this on the kind of person I thought I was supposed to be.

Truth be told, as I’ve grown older (and more mature – ha I wish), this feeling has waned. I no longer feel the pressure I used to look a certain way.

I’ve learned that lot over the years so I thought I’d share some of my coping tactics with you.

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Whether you have anxiety or not, here are some really helpful tips to improving your self worth and confidence. Don't let anything stop you!

I know a lot of you suffer alone and I hate knowing this. So, have a read below:

1. Release some of the pressure you put on yourself – the underlying issue

I know. I get it. We put a huge amount of pressure on ourselves lots of the time. Not only do we feel the need to always be perfect, we want to do a good job always and strive for more.

It’s a constant battle to be the best.

See, I’ve written posts about setting goals, being organised and sorting out your anxiety. But I always say that this is all well and good but only with good health.

Getting burned out is a very real thing and it is not something to be taken lightly. Before you know it you’re EXHAUSTED and have zero motivation.

It’s important to block out time for yourself in your schedule too, even if you’re the busiest person, like, ever.

You know the minute you make time for yourself, you’ll feel instantly better (well it does for me anyway!). Plus, inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places. Having a break will help bring back your energy and belief in yourself.

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“So, Jess, how do I do it when I have so much on already? How can I stop being so hard on myself?”

Much easier than you might imagine, my lovely one.

The minute you release that pressure you are subconsciously putting on yourself, man is it a good feeling.

2. Have a self-care day

Never heard of it?

Yep, me either up until a few months ago. But it was the best idea I’ve ever had and still continue to make time for my own self-care to this day.

If you’ve never heard this phrase before, it’s all about focusing on yourself. It’s about being selfish without being rude. Think of it as selfishness but in moderation.

What makes you happy? Is it reading a book? Is it pampering yourself with face masks, wine and a bubble bath? Or how about spending some alone time at the park or somewhere quiet?

Whatever it is that you enjoy, block out a day and do it. Turn off your phone and focus on yourself. It’s hard, though, I know. Full-time jobs/commitments make your time precious.

But remember that you are precious and you should believe it too. it’s not about everyone else, it’s about you. If no one’s ever said this to you before, I’m telling you now. In a nice way, of course!

This sort of activity helps you re-evaluate your needs and goals, rather than focusing on what others think about you.

See, I told you there was a reason for this!

3. You don’t have to anything you don’t want to

Only a couple of years ago and I was pandering to everyone else’s needs. It was a way of deflecting my issues away from the firing line and focusing my efforts on other people.

I’d get upset at myself for doing it, but still, carry on.

I would say yes to pretty much anything that came my way. I see now that I was ignoring my own needs and wants, in a sort of self-sabotaging way. Like I felt like I didn’t deserve to have my own voice and make my own decisions.

The minute you release that pressure you are subconsciously putting on yourself, man is it a good feeling.

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The pressure, the worry, the anxiety, seems to dissipate immediately. It’s a truly freeing moment when you can move on from worrying about others.

But again, it’s a tough decision. If you think you’ll struggle to say no, do it gradually. That’s what I had to do. I starting saying no to little things like going into town when I didn’t want to. Or taking the leap and just saying no when I didn’t like the idea someone suggested.

Over time it becomes much easier to say no more confidently. I promise you that over time it will become easier.

4. You can choose whoever and whatever you want to be

Feeling ugly = no motivation to do anything.

Not caring about self-image = strength and confidence.

In the day and age that we live in we can do pretty much anything we put our mind to. The internet makes everything possible nowadays.

Would you agree, though, that the internet is both a blessing and a curse?

Online magazines and newspapers make reaching celebrity news very easy. It makes comparing ourselves with others extremely easy. Most of all though it makes it impossible not to feel bad about ourselves at some point in our lives.

This isn’t good.

So I could just tell you not to read the news or look at anything online but this isn’t possible, and just won’t work.

The key for you (if you’re struggling with your own demons) is to remember that you can be whoever you wish to be.

Thinking about and spending time on what makes you happy will inevitably improve your confidence and belief in yourself.

Set yourself some goals. Reward yourself once you reach those goals. Write down your progress and go back and read it. Self-worth is something to be nurtured and not to be taken lightly.

Whether you have anxiety or not, here are some really helpful tips to improving your self worth and confidence. Don't let anything stop you!

5. Image isn’t very thing

Self-image plays had in hand with your self-worth. If you feel ugly and hate yourself, you’re going to think very poorly of yourself. That, my friend, is not good AT ALL.

I say this now, but again I’ve been there. I know it’s not easy believing in yourself and it takes a long time to reach a point at which you’re happy.

Feeling ugly = no motivation to do anything.

Not caring about self-image = strength and confidence.

There are steps you can you can take now to work on that.

Firstly, what you look like is not the be all and end all. What you look like won’t affect your opportunities, not taking action will.

You might be the most beautiful person in the world but that won’t matter if you don’t have courage, determination, and fight in you.

For example, my words written write here gives nothing away about what I look like. I like it that way. It’s important that people read what I have to say before anything else.

Do you know why? It’s because your voice is important. Your personality is important. Your strength and resilience are so so important.

6. Have respect for you and your own feelings 

my last, but definitely not the least important point for you today is that you should always respect you. ALWAYS.

Alllllwaaaaayyyyyys. Lol.

But seriously, though, without self-respect, why would anyone else respect you? Your self-worth really does depend on this. You deserve it.

You see, self-improvement has to start from within. Somewhere inside you have the drive to succeed. Learning to trust your thoughts goes a long way.

To make a start on respecting your own feelings, firstly acknowledge them. When you’re feeling down, think about why. When you’re happy, consider what it is that’s making you happy.

If it helps, write it down too. There’s something solidifying about the act of writing down your feelings. Once they’re on paper, it’s hard to ignore.

If you feel able, why not share your thoughts and feelings too? Working through whatever it bothering you can help you move on and accept your feelings.

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So, as you can see there are a number of ways to help improve your self-worth. Plus, you’ve learned how important it actually is.

What do you think? Is it something you think you need to work on? Let me know in the comments below!

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