Lets talk about mental health. advice and the best tips to dealing with anxiety.

Welcome to another blogger sharing their experiences on mental health. Meet Mandi.

Mandi Pimental is an avid traveler, professional journalist and certified nutritionist in love with life’s adventures. A creator of gluten-free, dairy-free and Paleo recipes, she also travels the globe with her husband seeking the best in healthy eats & soul refreshing destinations.

Blog: http://www.noshandnurture.com

Social Media: @NoshandNurture on FB, Twitter, Insta and Pinterest

A series on mental health. Lets open more discussion on it, provide advice and help.

Let’s get onto the questions!

Tell me a little about yourself (and your blog if applicable)!

My name is Mandi Pimental and I am a wife and mama-to-be with our first little one. I am a California girl currently residing in AZ and adore travel. Professionally, I am a journalist, working as Managing Editor of the celebrity & fashion publication BASIC Magazine and I also have a degree in Nutrition where I focus on helping others cope with food restrictions, sensitivities and allergies, as well as general nutrition. My blog began as my journal to cope with struggles in my life and it has been blessed to grow into so much more.

How does your anxiety/mental illness affect you?

It used to dictate so much of my life. From restricting travel to being social with friends and family. Through faith, breathing techniques, meditation, diet, yoga and working with a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, I have been able to make incredible strides in having control over my anxiety. Enjoying life more and not letting it dictate what I do. Which has been incredibly freeing, giving me hope, and in turn I hope to give others hope.

Do your friends/family know? If so, have you involved them at all?

Yes, my close family and friends know. It’s not something I ever talked about much. And opening up about it now, in such a public forum, has been hard, but I know there’s always purpose in pain. So I’m trying to use what was meant for bad, for good.

What positives do you think come with having a mental illness?

Being a voice for it. It’s real and it’s something many of us deal with privately, which can make it so much harder. I think that by speaking out and connecting to community through it can be really beneficial in inspiring others, and in the end, helping us to find our brave.

If you could give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

“It’ll be ok. Breathe. You may never know why this is happening, but know that one day you’ll be stronger. Don’t let it steal your moments.” It stole so many of my moments.

What advice would you give anyone else who feels they may suffer from anxiety?

So much. I would just love on them. And talk to them. And let them know that it’s ok. That what they are feeling IS valid, but that it CAN get better. That everyone can find what works for them, but that they are OK, they are not broken. For so long I felt broken.

On a side note – what are your hopes and dreams?

To give this little baby I’m going to have this summer so much hope for life. We indeed live in a world where anxiety can steal every joyful moment, and I pray he or she can find their brave easier than I did. That I can help empower them to live joyfully as much as I can without shielding them from reality. I also dream of continuing to grow my nutrition business, which I have put my whole heart in. I want to serve my husband as a good wife for all of my days, and just to REALLY live my dreams and not let FEAR win. To let JOY and HOPE and FAITH win the day. Every day.

What makes you happy?

Even though I’ve dealt with anxiety most of my life, I’m a pretty peppy, bouncy person who is so easily amused, haha. My Miniature Schnauzer Charlie, his face, when I look at him, my anxiety just MELTS. Animals are AMAZING tools for stress and anxiety. My husband is such a refreshing calm and source of joy in my life. Travel, spa days, shopping and laughing until I cry over a good movie or joke also makes me happy.

Thanks so much Mandi for getting in touch and your advice. Please do visit her blog here and show it some love.

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