We’ve had 5 glorious weeks of fellow bloggers and non-bloggers alike who have shared their story on mental health. The aim of this was to get people talking. It’s for those of you who struggle on your own with no one to talk to. It’s a reminder that there are people out there who care, and are willing to listen.

Sometimes we need to take that chance on someone and talk. This is the hardest part about mental health. I hope, if you struggle to talk about it, that you aren’t alone (VERY far from it).

I thought it would be a good idea to finish off the series with a roundup of all of those shared.

Thank you to all who have been open to sharing their stories. Honestly it’s been great having you all on here and meeting you.

For those that might have missed them, this is for you. You can click on the images to go directly to the posts themselves.

Lets open discussion on mental health. anxiety and positivityThis is the first post detailing how and why I would be opening discussions around mental health.

I explain about how difficult it was for me to talk about my anxiety and the aims of the series.

Little did I know what great people I would meet along the way 🙂






Lets talk about mental health. read the best and most useful adviceMeet Erin. She shares her story on mental health and how it affects her. Read how she dealt with panic attacks and her advice for other sufferers.

Visit her blog Content for Coaches here.






Lets talk about mental health. advice and the best tips to dealing with anxiety.Meet Mandi. Mandi approached me following me asking for volunteers to share their story. She explains how it used to affect her life and how she now deals with it.

You can visit her blog Nosh and Nurture here.






Lets talk about mental health. the best advice, tips and tricks.Meet Jessie. She has a truly poetic way of writing and this makes for a great read. She shares her story and how mental health affected her.

She also gives some great advice!

You can visit her blog Paper Coffee Store here.





Let's discuss mental health. the best advice from sufferers themselves.Read an anonymous submission about mental health. They go into detail about how they deal with mental health. Also makes a good read.







Finally,Lets talk about mental health. read other stories about how it affects them read about Joce’s story on mental health. She gives some good insights and advice on how to cope with anxiety and mental health in general.

You can read her blog by clicking at Oh Dear, Deer!






Thank you to all who have participated. It’s been great honestly!

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