Have you ever wondered if being organised helps your anxiety?

Have you written a to do list and found your anxiety levels decrease?

Read more to find out why being organised beats anxiety.

How can being organised help your anxiety? Does it improve mental health? Yes! Read more to find out why

If you’re anything like me then the answer to both of these questions has been a yes.

Being like me isn’t a bad thing I swear!

But it also means you’re curious. Maybe you want an answer to this question but didn’t know where to look.

Well this post is going to go into lots of detail about how and why being organised eases your anxiety. You see – my past posts all had a meaning!

At the very end (if you make it there!) you’ll find some further links to help you and to do a bit more research if you fancy it.

So why does being organised help anxiety?

You’d be surprised (or maybe not) to know that there is a direct link between being organised and levels of stress.

Although stress is not solely as a result of being un-organised it can certainly be helped with organisation.

This is because the feeling of being out of control is linked with stress.

We all need a sense of purpose and control in our lives to keep motivated. For some people this is stronger than others. For me, this is 100% true.

If you’re a sufferer of anxiety you may know this all too well. You may have also noticed that getting stuff done is great when easing your anxiety.

This doesn’t just apply to people who suffer from anxiety either.

What I mean by this is the relief in knowing you have achieved something, whether it’s big or small.

The physical crossing-out of the task on your to-do list is like a breath of fresh air.

Anxiety can show it’s ugly face at any time of the day/week/year.

It won’t just go away. You can’t just ‘get better’. Mental illness is still massively mis-understood and you will be acutely aware of this.

This also means it’s unpredictable, which in most sufferers of anxiety is the reason for higher stress levels. For me, trying to hide the physical symptoms of anxiety is a cause in itself of my anxiety.

“What can organising do for me to help my anxiety?” You might be thinking.

By introducing certain steps to a more organised you will give you that structure and relief knowing what you have planned or what you are planning to do.


Why else can being more organised help anxiety?

Modern day life creates a number of stress-inducers without you realising it. You have to get to work on time, you have bills to pay, debts to clear off. You have to keep up your social life and look after children if you have them.

You are constantly expected to be on the ball and ready for anything the majority of the time.

This is tiring! You’re balancing a number of things all at once and it can be overwhelming.

Being organised can reduce the levels of anxiety by helping you prioritise your jobs to do. You will feel more in control of your life by setting goals and creating to do lists.

Organising your day/week/month also allows you to deal with day to day aspects of your life routinely, so that when unpredictable tasks crop up it can be dealt with easier.

Where to start?

Identifying what aspect of your life which is causing your anxiety is the first major step to overcoming it and implementing steps to lower your anxiety levels.

This is the ‘how’ part of the post. Unfortunately I won’t be able to solve all problems associated with anxiety for you.

What I am hoping to do though if help you find ways yourself. If you like the sound of being organised, we can take baby steps.

So, do you find yourself rushing in the morning because you have no routine?

Do you cancel doctors appointments because you stress about the situation? Are you anxious about the fact of getting there in the first place?

How about your work situation? Do you crumble under the number of emails you get? Does your filing system irritate you and could be further anxiety on your already anxious self?

I’ve covered ways of being organised in past posts but there are certain steps to ease your anxiety in particular.

I always tell anyone who wants to start being more organised to take small steps at a time.

Reducing each large task into small parts reduces the burden you may feel on your shoulders.

This is an important part for sufferers of anxiety as the feeling of being overwhelmed can lead to further stress and anxiety.

And like I mentioned above – you don’t need to be diagnosed with anxiety to feel these emotions.

If you find visuals useful, you could brainstorm with a diagram instead rather than a list. split them into main areas, for example bills, the kids, work, etc.

You can then split these sections off in into smaller tasks to get your job done. Honestly it really works!

What other organising techniques can I implement to ease my anxiety?

Create to do lists. For anything. This allows you to keep track of your tasks and you are able to tick them off as you go along.

You could make lists for your bills, money coming in, food shopping list, etc.

Maybe deal with this the night before so you can go to bed feeling refreshed and ready for the next day.

If your morning routine is all over the place, write down a schedule for yourself. Give yourself time to get up, wash/shower, make lunch for work, do your make up, etc. and give yourself a reasonable time frame for each one.

Sadly enough I used to do lists and my own little schedules all throughout school. A lot of the time I wouldn’t stick to the exact schedule, however it was useful for me to plan. I also enjoy writing things down as it helps me remember.

I used to almost compete with myself that I could win at the schedules. Very sad indeed.

This technique might be particularly useful if you are forgetful like I am. Some anxiety sufferers find their memory can be affected by anxiety so think about how this option might suit you.

This would also be a good one to do the night before to prepare you for the next day. The further in advance you can do this, the lower your stress levels will be.

Try not to overthink each task. Try also not to think about what might happen is something goes wrong. It will get you nowhere fast.

The statement above I know is MUCH harder in practice – trust me I know. However keeping yourself on track is key to your lists, schedules and plans.

If you can – think about the positive impacts of dealing with your tasks and issues when they’re done. This brings you back into positivity and can give much relief from your anxiety, even if it is just temporary.


It’s not all bad news…

In this post I’ve covered ways to beat your anxiety using organisational techniques to help you. However anxiety also has it’s ways of being negative. Negative on situations, on your self worth, your self image and more.

I want to remind you that being a sufferer of anxiety has it’s pluses – and you may not have even thought about them!

Suffering from any form of anxiety means you are a good problem solver. You are able to predict the outcome of situations well and prepare for them (mostly preparing for the worst). Most jobs require this skill and makes you an ideal member of a team/even a boss.

Sufferers of anxiety tend to be very intuitive toward other people’s feelings. You will also be very empathetic and make great friends and supporters.

This is something that not everyone is able to do well, so if you can relate to this then be proud of yourself!

Remember – you are amazing and believe in yourself!

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Oh and by the way, do you want a free printable to get you towards your goals?

Do you have any other techniques you use to stay organised? How does it affect your mental health? Let me know in the comments below!





24 comments on “The Reasons Why Being Organised Beats Anxiety”

  1. Um, YES! This is sooo me. I’m in a very stressful period of life right now (juggling too many balls), and lists upon lists are the only way I keep myself from going crazy. I think it’s also just a certain brain type that needs a very precise, visual list of what their life looks like. I like keeping lists and calendars on my computer so they’re really easy to edit.

    • I completely understand – my brain goes into meltdown when juggling too much and lists are the only thing that keeps me sane! I also get what you mean about brain types, everyone’s different though which is why I love people. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. I very much agree with your post – the more organised I am, the less stressed I am by default. I find that just getting stuff out of my head and onto paper, preferably into a list-format, is so helpful – provided the list itself doesn’t get too out of control, then that is just as overwhelming lol!

  3. my god! I never considered making the link when in reality it does come to think about it! I will try to set up a agenda to keep my activities organized, as well as my room.
    For anxiety, I used to have medication until I was fed up because I believed I had an inner force to deal with this without medication. I went for thethahealing, meditation ‘( learning to making it a daily habit) and sports ( release the stress and shows us how far we can go with concentration and trust)

    • Hi Nadia!

      It’s funny isn’t it, I never realised until I got more organised and started lowering my costs that I felt a lot better in myself!

      I know what you mean about medication, it doesn’t solve the issue and so your ideas are definitely something I’m going to try. I’ve been told meditation is great for anxiety! Thanks for posting, and your tips for anxiety 🙂

  4. Thank you so so much for sharing! I struggle with anxiety as well and writing lists has been the best way to help:) It’s so encouraging to know I’m not the only one and the positive effects!

    • Hi Brittany I’m so glad it helped you! I also feel like that too, and also knowing that there are others like me! I’m going to add more on anxiety a little later on so keep your eyes out! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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  6. I’ve decided to do a number of things to keep me organised:
    Schedule blocks of time for particular tasks
    Put away the phone when I have important things to do
    Rewarding myself when I achieve goals I’ve set myself .

    Thanks so much for this post. I have got new ideas that I will try out

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