There are lots of reasons why anxiety actually makes you an awesome person. inspiration for you.

This post has been inspired by some comments I received here a few days ago. They were all so positive (thank you!) and they really got me thinking. I felt that I struck a chord with a lot of you and I don’t ever want that to go away.

Anxiety is tough. It’s like being prepared for an interview at every moment. It’s exhausting. But you might not have thought about the positive side to anxiety. I want to remind you that anxiety sufferers tend to have a lot of qualities in common and makes you special. You are awesome, and the thing that can sometimes hold you back is actually a gift.

Bearing in mind that if you don’t suffer from anxiety, it doesn’t mean you won’t have all of these qualities. Everyone is awesome no matter what and you need to remember that. I just want to remind anxiety sufferers that you are still great. I know this because we can so easily put ourselves down.

Anxiety sufferers tend to be very compassionate people.

The caring nature of an anxiety sufferer makes you very compassionate towards other people. You find comfort in helping others greatly and are always willing to help them. You take feelings very seriously (probably because you feel them so intensely!) and want to comfort and offer sympathy in times of need.

Maybe it’s because it’s a nice distraction from your own issues for a change. Maybe you feel you’ve been helped so much you want to give it back.

Don’t see this as a weakness. I can imagine you probably wish you weren’t so sympathetic because some people can take advantage of it. You shouldn’t keep those people in your life. You are a good-willed person and take much happiness from others which is why having anxiety makes you unique.

Why anxiety makes you a great person. You prepare for the worst

You are able to ‘prepare for the worst’ making you a great team member/team manager.

When you find that you are analysing every single detail of each situation, how do you think this would benefit you at work or with your business? It makes you very aware of each decision. You will most likely weigh up the pros and cons until the cows come home. I know I do. It’ll probably go around in your head a million times before a decision is made.

This isn’t a hindrance! This is actually a really great quality to have and will make you an excellent team member. If you wanted to be a manager or are already one, this would also be a really great skill to have.

Likewise if you own your own business. Although working life is about taking risks, you are able to make a very well informed decision.

Now I mentioned it, taking risks is probably something that is hard for you. I know that I plan for every circumstance with little risk of something out of the ordinary happening. Again this isn’t a negative quality and you shouldn’t put yourself down for it.

You have great empathy skills.

Empathy allows you to place yourself in another’s shoes and is a great skill to have. You are able to feel how others may feel in certain situations.  Although you may be awkward around other people, or maybe even suffer from social anxiety, you are probably extremely empathetic to your friends and family.

Not everyone is able to do this you know. You would make a great mother/father, teacher and carer. You’d be great at it.

The benefits of having anxiety - you are compassionate and caring towards others.

You are able to ‘sense’ other people’s thoughts and feelings.

I don’t know about you, but I worry immensely about hurting other peoples feelings. I will do anything to ensure I don’t upset anyone. Often to my demise (well not death, but negatively affecting me). I’m terrified of letting people down and agree to things I don’t necessarily want to do. I bet you can relate to this!

In addition to this, I tend to feel comfort around other sufferers of anxiety. It seems we all have something in common and really love learning how other’s deal with their anxiety. I also love helping others, which I’m sure you do too.

Hopefully you are starting to see why anxiety isn’t that bad!

Your memory can be better than others.

Remember that time where you said that thing to your mate and she looked at you in disgust? Or how about that time you made that silly little mistake at work? If you told anyone else the amount of stuff you remember, they’d think it weird.

But because of your over-analysing nature, you remember situations better than others may do, and make sure they don’t happen again! It’s simple really isn’t it? Some may call it over the top but I don’t! Haha. But seriously though, you’ll remember situations a lot better than others and notice things other’s may not do. You probably have AMAZING attention to detail as well.

So once all that other-thinking and analysing is done, you’ll probably also feel the need to apologise at a later date about that time when you think you upset your mate. I know I do. Don’t sweat though – it’s totally fine! Then collapse on the sofa because its exhausting. Hehe.

You are trustworthy and make great friends

Because of your anxious nature, I don’t know about you but I can’t lie very well. I’m a very honest person and feel like everyone else should be. Again it could allow people to take advantage of you but honesty really is the best policy.

For this reason, you friends and family know they can rely on you to give your honest opinion. You won’t give your advice out willynilly either. This is why you make such great friends to to other people.

Not only that but… YOU ARE AMAZING. SPECIAL, EXCEPTIONAL and can be anything you want to be.

If you feel that this post has been helpful, why not sure it with your family and friends? Maybe even save it for a later date at times when you are struggling with your anxiety.

On a final note. I am thinking about taking up a course to be a counselor. It’d be great to hear what you think about this! I also want to hear from you if you’ve found this useful, and what else you do to remind yourself that anxiety isn’t that bad.

Happy Tuesday!

30 comments on “The Reasons Why Anxiety Makes You Awesome”

      • Dear, Jessica..
        Thank you so much for posting such an interesting and feel good post. This made my day and to be honest living with anxiety never felt this positive to me. you made a little smile on my face during my most difficult times. glad that I made up to your post.
        Thank you.

        • Hi Ezhil – really glad this made a difference to you. I hope that whatever is causing you trouble at the moment works itself out and you can continue to stay positive. Anxiety feels very negative so I thought it good to have a nice positive reminder. I hope everything works out for you 🙂

  1. Love it! Definitely some good sides to anxiety….pinning this to remember it! So true about the feeling of being prepared for an interview at all moments. lol

  2. Related to the question you ended your post with, I think you should go for it. If you truly want to do it, then do it. Knowledge is power. 😀

    As for the main topic of the article, you shaped everything very well. Going to share this~!

  3. Thank you!!! You’ll make a great counselor.. I was just having a freak out moment and reading this blog put my heart at ease… Once again thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Have you ever considered writing an ebook or guest authoring on other sites?
    I have a blog based upon on the same topics you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my viewers would value your work.
    If you are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an email.

  5. Amazing blog! Do you have any recommendations
    for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything.

    Would you advise starting with a free platform like
    Wordpress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m completely confused
    .. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

  6. This is absolutely WONDERFUL and it warmed my heart:) I relate to SO MANY of these and it just makes me feel so happy to be me!

  7. I love it!
    Crazy how much you described me. Every detail.
    Especially about remembering things that I said or did in the past.
    Whew you made me feel better about myself😃

    • Hi Rachel, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I know how hard anxiety can be but also there are some positives from anxiety. It’s hard to see them sometimes so I’m glad it helped. Stay strong!

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