When I was diagnosed with anxiety, no one told me what this entailed. I’d been living with it for a number of years before without even knowing. But the minute your issue is labelled as a disorder, things change. Whether it’s how people treat you in person, to how you see yourself, expect your world to be turned upside down.

So, in my efforts to help you along your way battling life suffering from anxiety, here are some tips to bear in mind:

What really is anxiety like? What makes it so crap sometimes? I'm sharing what I wish I'd been told + get my FREE 7-day ecourse now!

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It’s tough going

Unless you’ve had anxiety before or still suffer from it, it’s a tough ride alright. I can say right now that I’m coping. But then I know that this’ll change at some point. The littlest of changes can send my brain into overdrive so structure and organisation keep me sane.

Anxiety is nothing like how you may have imagined it. It’s not just feeling nervous all the time, its the thoughts, the shakes, the self doubt and uncertainty (plus more).

But you know what? Knowing that you’re controlling it rather than it control you is the best feeling ever. Bringing in techniques and ways of coping help improve your confidence and self worth. It shows you that although anxiety makes you feel weak and powerless, you can move on from it. It shows you that you are actualy strong willed, and can del with whatever life throws at you.

It’s lonely

I’ve lost friends through having anxiety and talking about it. I spend a lot of time in my head processing situations and thoughts which tend to go misunderstood. Rather than sharing my thoughts, I tend to keep them to myself. This makes it hard to explain my problems and issues to others, and can make it a really lonely experience.

What really is anxiety like? What makes it so crap sometimes? I'm sharing what I wish I'd been told + get my FREE 7-day ecourse now!

Anxiety creates an invisible boundary between you and those around you. Sometimes you don’t even know it’s there until this barrier is well and truly sunk in. You also know that the only way to break down those barrier is by opening up, and the thought of that is scary.

But that’s okay too you know. You know why? Because you’ll meet other people who have so much time for you, anxiety or not. Youll find people who understand your issues and they’ll be able to relate to you. You’ll find lots in common with other anxiety sufferers, and you might end up helping them too.

You might even help change someone life. That is a fit that should be cherished.

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You won’t get better in an instant

This is something I really struggled with. I wanted to get rid of my anxiety instantly. I hated knowing I had anxiety and hated knowing I couldn’t fix myself. This’ll probably be the same for you too. Anxiety has a habit of sticking by you when nothing else does.

But what you will realise is that you can and will suceed. It’ll also help you realise that anxiety isn’t the be all and end all. Mental health has a way of making you stronger through the rough times and helps you cope better.

You’re actually a really great human being.

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Sometimes the physical symptoms are worse then the mental ones

I never thought I would be saying this right now! For years my thoughts controlled every aspect of my life. It made me worry excessively. It made me avoid certain situations andwant to escape almost all situations. Anxiety through my thoughts made me feel like I was crazy and made me want to drink more.

But as I’m getting older, I’m learning to control these thoughts. Through CBT I now have a much better grasp on when my anxiety is being over the top and I can reign it back in. The worst part now about anxiety for me is the panic attacks. I most definitely can’t control them. This is still an area where anxiety gets the better of me.

I HATE my shaky hands too. No-one told me about that. When anxiety sets in the first thing that starts is shaky hands. I can’t even stop it. What’s worse is that I can’t stop thinking about them, which makes it even more worse.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though if this sounds like you. You are just one of many people who suffer from anxiety. You aren’t alone in this battle against your anxiety. This blog is here to show you that.

It affects every aspect of your life

This is something that I wish I’d known sooner. Why doesn’t anyone tell you that anxiety has the potential to affect all aspects of your life? I say this as this is an unexpected circumstance of having anxiety. The more I wish it didn’t, the worse it gets. Bear this in mind. You may not realise it does, but oh god, how it does.

For you though, what I want you to know is that although it does affect large areas of your life, you can still control it. It may not ever go away (like you hoped), but that’s okay too. Learn to accept that you have anxiety and let yourself understand it. Spend time thinking about how it affects you and work out ways to resolve them.

The more you know about your anxiety, the better equipped you’ll be in gaining back control over your anxiety.

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People will always look down on you for taking medication (even if it helps you)

This is something that I’ve learned over the past year or so. I am open with my anxiety and open that I take medication for it. Sometimes, some of us are just born with less serotonin in their blood, but not everyone understands that. BUt that’s okay too, you know. Not everyone is that interested!

But the main takeaway for you is that it is okay to take medication. If it helps you, why not? Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever stop taking my medication now, but I’ve accepted that fact too. Why put yourself through unnecessary symptoms of anxiety when medication helps you?

So if you ever feel bad the next time you pop that pill, don’t. Think about me! I’ll be right there with you.

What I really want you to know

I want you to know that anxiety or not, you’re an amazing human being. Although there is much I wish I knew about anxiety before I got diagnosed, I wouldn’t change my life for anything. You should consider this too! You wouldn’t be the person you are today had it not have been for your life experience.

But most of though, continue to stay strong. Don’t beat yourself up though when things go wrong. When you don’t feel like getting out of bed in the mornings, that’s okay. When all you want to do after work is go to bed, that’s also okay. Live your life as you want it, and don’t let anyone/anything make you feel bad for it. <3

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