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A few of you have approached me and let me know that you struggle with your inner self. Whether that’s worrying about finances, to comfort eating. Unfortunately, I can’t solve all problems, but I can help when it comes to dealing with these situations.

Some years ago I struggled big time. I was the same. I had issues with my body, had a negative outlook on life and generally felt crap. Our mind is wonderful yet annoying. I can have a full-blown conversation with myself and it can get rather annoying.

Our mind is wonderful yet annoying. I can have a full-blown conversation with myself and it can get rather annoying.

You see, I’ve been there which is why I know you can also come out of it. Whatever life throws at you, you can win. Although it may feel like you can’t get better right now, starting here is a good place to start.

My point is that even if you’re feeling crap right now, you can change it. You are strong enough to do it too. Plus, those who have a more positive attitude towards life live longer.

Read more below to find out how to have a more positive outlook on life, anxiety, mental health or not.

Struggling? How To Have a More Positive Outlook on Life + FREE Workbook

Positivity can make all the difference

Honestly, I rave on and on about positivity. I’ve written a few posts on how much a difference positivity can help (you can read them here and here).

So today I thought I’d give you a bit of a different spin on it.

Rather than focusing you and your actions on positivity, why not spread it instead?

Positivity is catchy, just like smiling is. By being friendly, smiley and generally nice to people, you’ll feel good for it. Not only that but the people on the receiving end will thank you for it too.

As well as this, it encourages others to do good deeds too. One by one, if we all do it, the world will become a better place. That surely can’t be a bad thing, can it?

Now, I know this can be hard when you’re struggling yourself. Trust me I know. The last thing you want to do when you’re in a hole is think about others.

But as I’ve said in my previous post, distraction is a great way to bring you back into the present. This is great for panic attacks, but also, in general, every-day life.

So, spread some positivity by doing some good deeds for others. It’ll give you a lovely fuzzy feeling for doing so, and you’ll help others as a result.

Also, make sure you get your handy workbook that comes with this post. It includes a positive affirmation sheet to print out and stick someone of importance.

It’ll help you remember positivity at all times. Just click the button below:

Here are some ideas for you:

Donate some clothes to a charity shop

Help someone write their CV

Do some chores for someone else

Volunteer at a local nursing home or homeless shelter

If you want to read a bit more about helping others, here are some links:

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Ideas for Helping Your Community

You do have control over your own actions

Although it might not feel like it right now, but you can and do have control over your actions.

When you suffer from anxiety or another mental health condition, it can feel like you have no control.

But you don’t always have to feel this way. I feel very passionate about this actually. So much so I wrote a blog post on gaining back control!

Having control over your own destiny can feel like the holy grail. It could also help you in having a more positive outlook on life too.

I’m not saying you’ll be able to have full control, as I don’t think anyone is, but you can start today.

I want you to think about what actions you can take now to feel more in control.

If you struggle internally with your own thoughts, think about what areas it is you struggle with. Is it shyness? Lack of confidence?

Maybe you suffer from depression and aren’t sure where to start. The same goes for anxiety.

I’ve found a really useful website that contains guides for all types of situations. They can be found at Mood Juice on their self-help page. Visit it now. There you’ll find a wealth of information to help your internal thoughts.

Here are some useful posts I’ve written myself which you might also find interesting:

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Is Your Own Brain Stopping You from Achieving? Learn How to Fight it!

By changing the way you think about certain situations, you can really gain a more positive outlook on life.

Something to remember is that it isn’t a quick fix. I’m not going to promise that you’ll sort your outlook out immediately as it doesn’t work like that.

But you have already made the first step to getting there by being here. Keep reading below for more tips!

Oh, and did you forget your worksheets? Click the button below to get them:

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Spend some time writing

Writing has really great positive benefits on the brain. I myself can vouch for this. I wrote a blog post all about why and how writing can be good for anxiety.

Writing down your thoughts and feelings can really have a therapeutic effect on you. I know some of you may not feel like writing, but getting started is sometimes the hardest part.

Grab out the handy worksheets that come with this post to get started, click the button below:

Start by writing down your thoughts and feelings. If you don’t think you have any right now, just let your hand write. It doesn’t matter what comes out on paper, just that you’re doing it.

The more you write down, the better. Sometimes you don’t realise you have things on your mind until you start sharing it.

If you can, make time every day to do a bit of writing. Sometimes it’s easier writing down your thoughts and feelings than it is saying them. I know that for sure!

Doing this will help you sort out your thoughts. This may even help you overcome some of your issues you have.

The result? A more positive, in control outlook on life!

Try and get a bit more organised

Organisation to me is like breathing. This is most likely due to my anxiety, though!

I like to be in control. I like knowing what I’m doing when, and how long it takes. I enjoy filling my diary up with events and things to remember, and I like writing about being organised.

Now I know that you probably aren’t like me. You might be, even just a little, though!

If so, you may want to be more organised. You may also be wondering why being organised might help improve your outlook on life.

Well, that’s what I’m here for!

The beauty of having a schedule and to-do list means you can plan your day. Planning your day out means you know what spare time you have. The result of this?

You know what areas of focus you want to work on, and when.

You can prioritise your day according to need, and give yourself a break without worrying about other stuff. We all know how important having a break is.

For me, this is really handy when I’m feeling down. You know when you’ve pushed yourself a bit too far? Having a break happens with no guilt attached to it.

Use the handy workbook I’ve included as part of this post. It comes with a planner sheet you can use for any week of the year. Just click the button below to get it sent to you:

Try to smile more

My final but not least point is smiling more.

I know I know. You’ve been told this a million times already. Don’t hate me for bringing it up!

The reason why I am bringing it up is because I’ve found it works for me. I smile all the time.

I love seeing others smile too. That’s the beauty of a smile. Whatever issue you or someone else is dealing with, a smile can brighten up a day.

So I want you to give it a go.

Smile at your mum, your father or brother. Heck, even smile to a stranger or colleague you don’t know. 99.9% of them will smile back and that is such a glorious feeling.

To finish, we are all in control of out destiny in some form or another. Having a positive outlook on life is something that you can start on today.

I know it can be hard sometimes moving away from negativity and gloom. But using the above tips will surely help you on that road.

If any of this has been useful for you, you will enjoy my FREE 7-Day eCourse! Just pop in your details below to have it sent to you:

Do you struggle with having a positive outlook on life?

What do you do to change it? Let me know in the comments below!

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