Are you embarrassed because you have anxiety? Do you wish you could talk about it more? Here are some simple ways to move on with your anxiety.

Being embarrassed about your anxiety is so so common. Being worried about what people might think is even more common.

I know this because time and time again people come to be and tell me. Not only this but sometimes I’m embarrassed with my anxiety, too.

Do you know what? There’s nothing wrong with being embarrassed about your anxiety.But, at the same time, you shouldn’t have to be embarrassed by it, either.

Carrying around the weight of hiding an illness is exhausting and hard work. You shouldn’t have to carry that load with you all of the time.

Embarrassed because you have anxiety? Do you wish you could talk about it more? Here are some simple ways to move on with your anxiety. Don't forget you can access my FREE 7-day ecourse if you're feeling overwhelmed here now!

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FYI, here’s a story for you. It’s useful and relevant, I promise 🙂

Today I’m sat here thanking my lucky stars that I’m writing this. I’ve had low confidence, felt overwhelmed and completely tired over the past few weeks.

It’s been tough getting back on the blogging bandwagon,and it’s another instance where my anxiety has been battling me.

Roll back a few years and I was a shivering, nervous wreck. I was quiet, shaky and felt on edge ALL THE TIME. 

I spent a lot of time sleeping through the sheer exhaustion anxiety causes.

I’d sleep in the day as much as possible too. But I didn’t know I had anxiety.

I thought it was normal. Then my life literally turned upside down at the diagnosis and I was signed off work for 4 weeks in total.

Until that moment, I was making excuses for my behaviour without even realising it.

I hated (and still do) having anxiety because it changed my life. I was ashamed and embarrassed by my mental health. 

I didn’t care what I looked like and didn’t care about what I ate (or didn’t eat at the time).

I wallowed I’m my poor health and was exhausted from the huge bravado I put on every day.

But something changed. Something inside of me told me that I needed to look after myself and get better. Something told me to share my experience (almost a year a go now!) and now here I am.

I’m here to live another day without the shame I used to feel.

I’ve confronted the huge change that has happened in the past month, and I’m raring to go now.

The moral of this story is that right now you might be feeling like there is no end. That you can’t overcome it even if you want to.

My point is that although you may be feeling like this, things change. You get better.

You grow stronger and accept the help when you need it.

So, in my efforts to keep you inspired, moving forward and knowing there are always people there to support you, here are some ideas.

Let’s explore them now.

Embarrassed because you have anxiety? Do you wish you could talk about it more? Here are some simple ways to move on with your anxiety. Don't forget you can access my FREE 7-day ecourse if you're feeling overwhelmed here now!

First of all – there is nothing to be ashamed of

Mental health and the stigma attached to it is a serious one. It makes you secretive, afraid and makes you want to hide away.

This makes it difficult to overcome the feeling of being ashamed about your mental health.

Plus, unless you’ve been there personally, I don’t think you can really understand it.

Try explaining anxiety to someone who doesn’t understand. It’s hard!

So, although you might not be able to explain yourself to someone else, that doesn’t mean you should be ashamed. Remember than 1 in 4 people experience mental health in their lifetime.

I’m already one of those that you know. Some you may not even realise. That’s the ugly beauty of mental health.

Not only does mental health make you think you’re weird, or an outsider, it makes you feel alone.

That’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s something to challenge and conquer!

I want you to realise that life throws lemons (such a good quote from!) but you move onwards and upwards because of it.

That is nothing to be ashamed of.

The stigma is there but you can choose to ignore it

The problem with being a human is that we are social. social creatures create boundaries, rules, and issues.

Mental health comes up pretty high on the stigma scale I’m afraid.

But that doesn’t mean you have to take part in this. When I created my blog, I exposed myself to the world. I exposed myself to family, friends, and strangers. Terrifying.

Although scary, the whole process has been hugely positive. That means it can and will be for you, too.

Ignore the stigma attached to anxiety or depression. Choose to alter the opinions of others instead!

Don’t fall prey to the negative perception of mental health and embrace it.

You aren’t perfect and nor is no-one else

A blogger friend of mine, Michelle, recently wrote a guest post for me. It’s all about loving your flaws.

She explains that although we have our flaws, we keep on striving for perfection.You know what? It simply is not possible.

We let everyone else off when they have a bad day, but we criticise ourselves when the same happens.

Your feelings and emotions are NORMAL (whether it’s the bad or good kind)

Trust me, I know. I am the worst for it! But moving away from perfection and all that encompasses it is the way forward for you. Honestly, I’m sure this was the turning point for me.

Although this isn’t a quick fix, accepting yourself for all of your flaws is the best way to go.

Some things to remember:

  • Everyone makes mistakes
  • Your imperfection is your beauty
  • Your funny quirks make others laugh and love you that bit more
  • Your feelings and emotions are NORMAL (whether it’s the bad or good kind)

You don’t have to have to justify yourself to anyone

The unfortunate thing about anxiety, depression, or other debilitating mental issues, is it makes you doubt yourself.

It makes you second guess every action that you have to make. Every decision is loaded with unanswered questions and fears.

It’s an exhausting process, I tell ya.

So, in your efforts to not be embarrassed about your mental health any longer, remember that you don’t need to justify yourself any longer.

Although you might not think it but, your everyday actions happen for a reason.

You obsess over certain things for a reason.

You’ve grown up through childhood holding certain fears and understanding that might be considered abnormal.

But hey. You are YOU. You are special and that’s why you are still here today. 

Honestly, I write this and truly mean it. So you don’t have to justify your actions to anyone.

You don’t need to explain yourself when you react a certain way.

Your friends and family are there to support you through thick and thin and don’t put extra pressure on yourself for the above reasons.

Embarrassed because you have anxiety? Do you wish you could talk about it more? Here are some simple ways to move on with your anxiety. Don't forget you can access my FREE 7-day ecourse if you're feeling overwhelmed here now!

Learn to love yourself more

Learning to love yourself takes a lot of will and effort. It’s a lifelong process and certainly doesn’t come easy. That’s what I’m here for 🙂

But, having more faith in your own actions and words is one step to take. It’s the beginning of better things to come.

Loving yourself starts small.

Gratitude goes a long way – every morning I spend 5 minutes catching up on the news and enjoying breakfast. 

I think about what I have to do in the day and plan out some actions. I think about everything I’m grateful for so far at the same time.

I see Mondays as a blessing now and look forward to a fresh start. Trust me, if I’ve spent the whole week feeling anxious, I push it the back of my mind.

Have you heard that phrase, “Forgive and forget”? That’s what I do, but with myself.

Give this a try. You’ll be surprised at how much a little thankfulness and gratitude can make to your day.

Bring in some positivity – you know I used to be so negative! I hated work, my anxiety and hated the world I lived in.

Loving yourself starts small.

I had nothing to look forward to.

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Learn to respect your feelings (good and bad)

The thing about anxiety or depression is that it creates barriers and lack of trust. It means that you can’t even trust your own feelings knowing that they may not be rational.

It makes you question everything and focus on the worst case scenario.

To some, this sounds crazy. To me, it’s a normal everyday occurrence. That’s embarrassing. Not even knowing if my feelings are valid. But, that’s where you have to draw a line.

The thing about feelings is that they are still associated with sexism and discrimination.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t respect your own feelings.

Have more confidence in your own actions and thoughts. Remember that they are valid and shouldn’t be ignored.

Most of all, don’t be embarrassed by them.

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So there you have it. Although these tips aren’t easily conquered, it’s a start. You can download this entire blog post now by just pressing the button below:

You know what that means? Onwards and upwards!

Let me know what tips you have for people who are embarrassed by their mental health. Or even just a  hit of encouragement! I want to hear it.

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