Biscuits are good for your mental health. That is all. But seriously, here are six reasons why you should probably eat more of them!

Today we have 664 words which explain to you why biscuits are good for your mental health.

Biscuits are good for your mental health. That is all. But seriously, here are six reasons why you should probably eat more of them!

We all love biscuits. Do you know anyone who doesn’t?! I don’t. Whether it’s a midnight snack, a staple with your cup of tea, or just something that makes you happy, biscuits are great. They fill the void when all you need is a bit of comforting.

Not only this, but there are tonnes of different brands, tastes and shapes to choose from. No matter what mood you’re in, biscuits are there for you!

So, in celebration of our favourite dunking snack, here are 6 of the best reasons why biscuits are good for us. I’m not just talking about your physical health either. Biscuits are amazing for your mental health too!

**please be warned. This is tongue in cheek, and should only be taken with a pinch of sugar (haha).**

They make you happy

There’s no denying that fact that biscuits make you happy. The great thing about biscuits is that depending on how bad you’re feeling, you can regulate your biscuit dose accordingly.

Been dumped? 10 biscuits for that. Had a bad day at work, why not keep it to 5?

Whatever situation you find yourself in, biscuits are right there with you to cheer you up. Your mental health can thank me later.

Biscuits are good for your mental health. That is all. But seriously, here are six reasons why you should probably eat more of them!

Biscuits bring people together

Personal experience of mine has shown that biscuits actually bring people together. As mentioned above, our crunchy friends make people happy. What better way to bring people together than by making everyone happy at once?

Sharing some biscuits means that people have to get out of their seat and approach you if they want one. This promotes chatter (only in moderation whilst you’re at work though, mind) as well as a minute amount of exercise, too.

The result of this? Better relationships at work improve, and you may make new friends because of it.

They give you a warm fuzzy feeling

Now that the nights are drawing in and it’s getting colder, biscuits help provide you with that warm fuzzy feeling. Instead of wrapping yourself up in a blanket, fill yourself up with biscuits instead!

You’ll no doubt feel all warm and fuzzy instead, much like the way chocolate does. Hey, that can’t be a bad thing, surely?

Biscuits provide much needed energy (via sugar)

My dad always used to tell me that I should always keep biscuits with me, in case my blood sugar levels dropped. Being prone to fainting, this is something I always remember. The last thing I want to do is pass out everywhere – it is most inconvenient.

Although carrying biscuits around might be impractical, keep them in a safe place at work or at home instead. This helps to give you temporary energy when you’re feeling lethargic. On the flip side, try to eat in moderation too.

After all, a health mind needs energy, too.

You feel empowered after eating biscuits

Speaking to a colleague about how biscuits make you feel, Dianne said she felt “revived and empowered”, just from eating biscuits. Now that is the kind of transformation I can get behind!

I don’t know about you, but I feel empowered after eating biscuits. I feel like I could just take over the world once I’ve nibbled on a few Digestives. Maybe it’s just the sugar content inside them, but I love ‘em.

You become a better person overall after eating biscuits

The final, but no least important, point for today is that once you’ve eaten biscuits, you become an overall better person. You are essentially levelling up your character to level 20!

“Why?” you may be thinking? Well, consider this.

You forget your worries which means you don’t take out your issues on those around you. Your energy levels improve, meaning less grumpiness all round. You meet new people and build up relationships. Need I go on?

“Basically, biscuits rock!” Said my colleague Nikki today. That, my friend, is what it boils down to.

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