Have you ever considered starting a blog? Do you suffer from a mental health issue too? Improve your mental health by starting a blog. Read more below!

Warning: this is not a post on how to physically start a blog. There is already a tonne of stuff on that out there. This is to give you a good understanding of whether it might work/not work for you.


Have you ever considered starting a blog? Do you suffer from a mental health issue too? Improve your mental health by starting a blog. Read more below!

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Okay so here’s the deal.

I’ve always been a writer. I write everything down, on anything I can find. I use words as a way of expressing myself and to process my feelings. I find writing things down much easier than saying them and it brings me some form of peace.

This can be either with a pen and paper, or electronically.

I started this blog just over six months ago now, back in January 2016. I started the blog as a way of letting off some mental steam and as a hobby. Little did I know I would still be blogging six months later about anxiety and mental health!

My path as definitely changed – but positively.

Today I want to give you some pros and cons for starting a blog. I say this as I am a firm believer that writing can be a really great antidote for those with anxiety or depression. It’s not specifically for those with a mental health issue either.

ANYONE can start a blog and it costs nothing to do so either.

I thought I’d spend a bit of time giving you the pros and cons if you’re considering starting one. I am biased of course (I love blogging and rave about the benefits!) but there are a few cons too.

If you’ve been thinking about whether you should start one or not, I say go for it!

click Pros

binaire opties beste Writing is good for the soul and brain

There is no doubt about it that writing is a great way to help ease mental health issues. There are lots of studies about the therapeutic qualities that writing has on depression and anxiety.

For example, http://havanatranquility.com/daeso/4911 it’s been said that writing helps lower stress levels and anxiety for a number of reasons.

Honestly, I can totally vouch for this.

By working through my anxious feelings and thoughts, I can really feel much better afterwards. Oftentimes there is so much going on in my head that writing it down is the only way to make sense of it.

My brain, unfortunately, has these moments quite often. A small worry can become a huge setback. This can prevent me from doing the things I planned/stop me from going out/starts a cycle of worry.

These mental battles you or I may have can really be helped by writing it down.

If you are just starting out with blogging, I’d recommend reading a few things on it first. Maybe even starting a journal to start off with might also be a good idea.

This article I’m writing today is not to tell you how to start blogging, there is plenty out there already. I just want you to consider the benefits of it.

If you find that after writing your thoughts in a journal works for you, a blog will be your next step.

I’d recommend signing yourself up for WordPress (can be a little complicated to start but easy once you get the hang of it) and just start writing.

If you manage to carry on for a few weeks, think about your progress and whether it suits you. If it does, great!

If you also get a lot of satisfaction from helping others, this could also be a route you decide to go down.

source You can gauge how your family react through blogging

Some people like to share their thoughts and feelings on a blog so that they can allow others to read it.

Although this isn’t the route I decided to go down, it might work for you. You can decide to write as much or as little as you want, and share with selected people.

Gauging how your family and friends might react to your mental illness could be done through a blog.

The great thing about a blog is that you are in full control of your content. You can decide how much detail you put, and then share it.

Plus, if you change your mind you can just delete the post!

As I mentioned before, writing about my anxiety is much easier than speaking it. Plus, I can explain myself better this way.

This might help you when trying to explain your mental health. It allows you to prepare for any questions they might have too.

Have a think now about whether this might work for you.

cool dating profiles It gives you a hobby to focus on

Another reason I started this blog was to give me something to focus on. Before I had the blog, all I ever did was play Minecraft on my phone, and other silly games.

None of this was productive for me, and I would waste hours doing it.

So I decided to start a blog on anxiety. I now spend at least 6-8 hours a week maintaining it and writing blog posts. I thoroughly enjoy it too.

Not only am I keeping myself busy, I’m building relationships with other bloggers, and helping people in the same boat as me.

So if you feel like you need a focus in life, a blog might be the answer for you.

I’ve actually written a post about how anxiety made me realise my dreams, you can read it here.

If you want to read another blogger’s thoughts on it, source link Rachel @ Mummy in training has actually written a post about how it helped her post-natal anxiety. Go check it out!

see You get to meet other bloggers in the same boat

The problem with mental health is that there is still a stigma attached to it. This makes things a little difficult when trying to overcome it.

The blogging community is honestly the best community I’ve ever experienced. They are friendly, willing to help and VERY supportive. It’s not often you come across this.

If you’re looking to find others blogging about mental health (or any other niche for that matter), you can be sure to find others like you.

They will be able to provide support and conversation that you might not get elsewhere.

I’ve personally met some amazing women who blog about well-being and mental health. I would never have met them in real life (purely become some live in other countries).

I’m thankful for them and their support where family and friends may not be able to help. <3

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, I’d wholly recommend starting a blog and meeting other bloggers.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any specific questions. My email is watch getintouch@moderndaygirlblog.com.

click here You can help other people in the same boat

If you’re a bit like me and love helping others (TOTALLY not because it deflects your thoughts away from your own issues, wink wink), a blog is a good way to go.

You might not realise it right now, but your path in life could be inspiring to others.

For example, if you’ve learned a skill or a way of coping, there will be others in the same boat.

It can truly be a way of getting to know people and helping them positively.

mujeres solteras la mano pa arriba It could work as a good distraction for your anxious mind

I’ve written before about finding a distraction for when you’re feeling low or anxious. I find this blog amazing for distracting me from my thoughts.

The problem with mental health is that you can’t really get away from it when things start to go downhill. Thoughts creep in and can be hard to shake.

Starting a blog might be something to use as a way of detracting you from these thoughts. You could write down everything you feel right now and process them.

Whether or not you choose to publish this post at the end is completely up to you. You gain back your control over something which can feel out of control sometimes.

follow Blogging could give you that peace and quiet you desperately want/need

The great thing about writing (on paper or electronically) is that it gives you an excuse to spend some quiet time alone.

I don’t have children but I know it can be hard having time for you and is being quiet.

If you decide to start a blog after reading this, allocate some time for yourself. Even if you’re the busiest person EVER, you will be able to find thirty minutes somewhere.

No excuses either! I don’t want you thinking, “Oh I’ll never be able to make time for a blog.”

You can cut out other activities to help you make time. For example, after the children have gone to bed could be a good time for you.

Maybe you could wake up a bit earlier in the morning as well?

Spend time thinking about how you are going to make time and make adjustments.

http://boersenalltag.de/blog/blog-from/2013-08-01/blog-to/ Cons

Okay, so there are plenty of reasons to start a blog for your well-being and good mental health.

I thought it necessary to raise some of the things to be conscious about if you decide to start a blog. It’s not all plain sailing I’m afraid, there is much more to it than you might think.

It can be overwhelming to start off with

Starting a blog is easy initially. You can create an account very quickly and there are lots to learn and read about when you start.

The thing is, though, there is SO much out there, it can become overwhelming. There’s too much, to be honest and this is what I struggled with when starting.

I’m not going to bore you with the details right now but just be careful how much you take on.

Keep things simple to start off with and remember that it won’t be an overnight success.

If you ever need help or need to vent, feel free to email me!

Writing might make you more solitary when you may need to socialise

Depending on your mental health, blogging could actually be detrimental rather than positive. I’m an introvert so I enjoy spending time by myself and focusing on my blog.

You may not be like this. Maybe you prefer spending time with friends and family instead? Maybe you need more interaction with other people than I do?

This is an important point to consider. I’m not a doctor and can’t advise as such so don’t want to make you worse because of it.

The thing is blogging is a solo activity (unless you’re partnering up with someone). If you decide to start a blog but notice your relationships are suffering, definitely stop.

Balance is key here, so kind that in mind!

It doesn’t always promote an active lifestyle

Spending long periods of time sat down is definitely not great for the body.

We aren’t meant to be sat down like we do now. Our lives have become very sedentary and blogging certainly comes under that.

If you decide to take the plunge on a blog, make sure you spend time exercising too. A quick walk will do you some good and balance your lifestyle.

It is so important that you keep yourself up and about.

The key thing for you to take away from this is that everything is good in moderation.

Wow. We’ve covered a lot haven’t we?!

I’ve given you some really good positive aspects that blogging can have on your well-being. I’ve also covered some of the negative impacts too for your consideration.

Blogging really is a great way to improve your mental health which I can totally promote. If you’re on the fence at the moment, spend some more time thinking about it.

Have you seen improvements to your mental health because of your blog? Are you still unsure? Leave me some comments below!

4 comments on “Should I start a blog to help my brain? Yes! Here Are the Reasons Why”

  1. Really enjoyed reading this… I totally agree that it helps with anxiety. It can really bring you out of those dark days. The blogging community for me are my break from those moments that creep in, I love nothing more than reading a new Post or getting involved on twitter with other bloggers in chats. And the feeling I have once I’ve written edited and published a Post is amazing, I feel like I’ve truly achieved something great. I basically just couldn’t survive now without blogging.

    • Hi Hayley

      Thanks for commenting! I am exactly like you – I can’t imagine life now without my blog! I suppose it’s like an extension of ourselves isn’t it? Like an extra arm! Haha. Anyway thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on it, much appreciated 🙂

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