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We anxiety sufferers can be an odd bunch (joke haha). In this post, you’re going to get an idea as to what goes through the mind of typical anxiety sufferer (if you don’t suffer from it yourself). The only thing worth bearing in mind is that we are all vastly different too. What affects me and makes me work, might be completely different to you or your loved one.

I feel like a lot of the time it can be all doom and gloom with mental health. So this post is to bring a bit of lighthearted entertainment into your life and remind you that we are all special in our own way, anxiety or not.

Ever wondered how different you are? Know someone with anxiety and want to know how they work? Read things that we do differently here

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Let’s get started, shall we?

Analyses every situation in detail, until the cows come home

Anxiety has a really annoying habit of making you consider each and every result of any given situation. It makes you sit there and think about everything that might go wrong.

Positives? Not likely. Anxiety tends to make you think about all of the bad things that might happen, rather than the good. A recent example for you is that my auntie rang me on Facebook messenger. This NEVER happens.

First thought? She never rings me. Second thought? There must be something wrong! Maybe there’s something wrong with mum! Why would she ring me about mum anyway, wouldn’t mum ring me herself? I’ll ring her back immediately so find out.

Turns out she just wanted to know what Lee’s surname was for Christmas cards.

Yes, that was a totally normal train of thought for me, and yes the reason was very simple. But that doesn’t stop me from jumping to the worst possible thought. It’s crazy, isn’t it?!

Gets angry at their own brain for having anxiety

Man. The amount of time I spend being angry at myself for having anxiety is the first place is a lot. It’s like you know that you have anxiety and should probably give yourself a bit of slack, but it is still annoying.

It’s funny really as the one thing that you need to live is the one thing that causes you the most stress. Yes, my friends, I’m talking about our brains. We have such complex minds and modern life means we don’t have to worry about our ancestral reactions anymore. But that doesn’t mean your brain likes to show you them once in a while.

Brain, “Here you go, have some super annoying adrenaline into your blood stream whilst sat on the bus, causing you to have a panic attack”. Massively not useful in any way.

Ever wondered how different you are? Know someone with anxiety and want to know how they work? Read things that we do differently here

This probably means you get frustrated easily too as it really can make things tough for you. Oh if only we were normal! If only we didn’t get so angry at ourselves over the littlest things.

Know they are being irrational but somehow can’t stop it

The kind of thoughts that we experience on a daily basis aren’t normal. We spend a whole bunch of time going through all of the ifs and buts, and in the worst possible circumstance possible. Our thoughts are definitely irrational and can really run away with ourselves.

Here are examples for you (itsjustafeeling.co.uk):

  • What if the Doctor has missed something and it’s not Anxiety but a more serious mental problem?
  • What if I NEVER get rid of this Anxiety?
  • What if my mind is never my own again?
  • What if I never get cured?
  • What if I will never be the same again?
  • What if this is me now for the rest of my life?
  • What if only I feel like this?
  • What if I lose control of myself completely?
  • What if I stop breathing or choke or pass out?
  • What if I never enjoy anything ever again?

Reading this you’re probably thinking, “Say whaaaaat – crazy woman alert!”

But at some point, an anxiety sufferer will have some of these thoughts or variations of them.

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Ever wondered how different you are? Know someone with anxiety and want to know how they work? Read things that we do differently here

What’s worse? Knowing full well you’re doing it but can’t stop them from creeping up in the background. It’s endless background noise in your own voice spewing out issues that may never come true. What we wouldn’t to just be knocked out for a while and have a break from those constant thoughts.

Try and act as normal as possible; failing

You know that awkward colleague you have keeping their head down and not really saying a whole bunch a lot of the time? That used to be me. That was me trying to act as normal as possible, to as many people as possible.

But then I was never really any good at being normal!

The problem with anxiety is it makes you yearn for normality. You want to feel normal, act normal and have a normal life. But unfortunately, the reasons why you have anxiety in the first place probably wouldn’t count as normal. There’s going to be a reason why you act the way you do and quite often it boils down your childhood.

There’s also nothing wrong with that either. I say this as you wouldn’t be who you are without your life experience. There are people around you who enjoy you, your thoughts and mannerisms.

So don’t ever try and change. As much as you might want to, you have no reason to. You know why? It’s because you are amazing, unique and special. Don’t try and be normal, that probably just makes you look worse!

Not saying no when you wish you had can be poor for you and your anxiety. Learn why its important and how to say it when you want to.

Develops unusual habits to hold up the structure in their life

Another annoying aspect of anxiety is that through all of your observations and habits, you develop unusual ones too. You start to develop coping strategies to help you avoid issues in future (again COMPLETELY normal). Now the below examples don’t just happen to those with anxiety, these actually could be nervous habits or show a lack of confidence too.

Some examples (including OCD-type habits) include:

  • Excessive double-checking of things, such as locks, appliances, and switches
  • Counting, tapping, repeating certain words, or doing other senseless things to reduce anxiety
  • Spending a lot of time washing or cleaning
  • Ordering or arranging things “just so”
  • Nail biting
  • Playing with hair excessively
  • Grinding teeth
  • Not being able to look someone in the eye
  • Avoiding certain social situations or places

As you can see, the habits we may develop are wide-ranging. Again we don’t to be like this but it’s an unfortunate aspect of anxiety. Oh, how I wish I would stop playing with my hair! Honestly, one half of my hair is shorter and more damaged than the other side. But there’s nothing I can do to stop me doing it.

Ever wondered how different you are? Know someone with anxiety and want to know how they work? Read things that we do differently here

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So there you have it. Anxiety sufferers really do spend their life being completely different to everyone else. As much as we wish it wasn’t the case, there’s no way of getting out of it. So if you’re reading this thinking how crazy us anxiety sufferers must be, remember that we just want to be normal like everyone else.

What are your thoughts on this?

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