Anxiety tips, videos, images and funWelcome to another Panic at the Disco edition! This series aims to show you a different kind of media than just text. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from reading!

Today I have an image (although it does have text in it!) which I discovered on my usual Pinterest browsings. Here it is:

Depression signs and symptoms, mental health and wellbeing.

Kay who blogs over at Rose Minded and has lot of useful advice around mental health. This particular image was created by her, but felt it was useful to share. Want to read the whole thing? Click here now.

Sometimes, depression is hard to distinguish, with a lot of the symptoms relating to stress. But this image breaks it down nicely for you.

If you think you might have depression, definitely speak to your doctor right away. They are best suited to help you with a possible diagnosis and can work at natural routes or medicated routes.

If you want to read more on here, you can read a guide I wrote recently about depression. Click here to go there now.

And there we have it! Thanks for stopping by and see you as usual on Friday.

Love from Jess xoxo

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