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Welcome to another instalment of Panic at the Anxiety Disco! Missed the previous week? View here now.

We’re into our second week of this new series where I’m sharing various forms of media relating to anxiety and mental health.

Today, I’m sharing a wonderful poem written by a colleague at work. Kelsey writes poems on topics that are close to her heart, mental health being no exception. Our work place has a huge focus on mental health at the moment so Kelsey shared this to get people talking.

It certainly worked!

Let me know what you think.

Mental Health will affect many of us, at some point in our lives, It’s not always obvious, its quite easy to hide through fake smiles and lies.

It cannot be seen, it may only be spoken, Nevertheless, it’s a medical condition, similar to a bone that is broken.

It comes in all different forms, depression, stress or anxiety. They’re all symptoms invisible to the eye, they aren’t so easy to see.

To someone suffering, it can be a lonesome place, So why not take just one moment, to offer a friendly face,

Ask someone, if they are truly feeling OK?

Thank you Kelsey for allowing me to share this! <3

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