Anxiety tips, videos, images and fun

Welcome to another week’s edition of Panic at the Anxiety Disco.

Following on from the lovely mental health poem last week, I’ve got a new image I found during last week. This image is a great reminder for those who find affirmations useful:

Anxiety tips, videos, images and fun

The idea behind an affirmation is that the more you repeat something to yourself, the more likely you are to believe it. For example, if someone tells you over and over that you’re pretty, eventually you will start to believe it.

Affirmations can be really useful tools if you find yourself struggling. Keep repeating it to yourself and it may just get absorbed, no matter how stubborn you are.

I’m not one for spending a lot of time with affirmations but I found this one really moving. Mainly because it is so simple and helps you understand that purely breathing is a way of coping.

It made me feel like I can cope with that, whether I know it or not, and I’m not doing so bad after all.

Hope you like!

Jess x x

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