Vlog feature where we helped raise money for local charities and projects across the East Midlands. Enjoy!

On my usual evening Facebook browsing’s, I made a snap decision to post this very blog on a local creative Facebook group. I’d joined the group some months back but didn’t think I’d ever post anything, mainly because it seemed more towards artwork than writing. I’d decided long ago that maybe I wasn’t suited to this group, after all.

I was wrong.

The thing is, I find that written work is often overlooked when it comes to the arts (or that it how I viewed it, anyway). Humans are visual creatures so we are more drawn to imagery than we are to text. The first thing we think about when it comes to art is usually paintings (again my own personal perspective).

But that decision to post this blog was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made for quite some time. I was invited to pop along to a local fundraiser which helps to raise awareness around mental health. The excitement was real!

The idea behind this event is that we would all watch pitches from people looking to raise funds for their projects. Imagine Dragon’s Den scenario. The winner would be given the £5 donations made by those who took part. We’re talking at least £500 worth. What a fabulous idea!

Well, as you can imagine, I jumped on the opportunity to take part in this. Not only do I feel strongly about ridding mental health of the stigma attached to it, but I am all for local projects and initiatives that help those affected by it.

The following video took me two days to edit and is my first production (go easy on me, okay?). I have to say I’m very proud! If you enjoy this video, I will be uploading videos to Youtube every week now, seeing as it’s so much fun.

Annnnnnd…. This is what happened.


2 comments on “Think In NG – Helping People Through Mental Health Difficulties”

  1. Hi Jess, I particularly enjoyed the bouncy music! It wasn’t easy to hear any of what the people were saying however, maybe that is something you could work on. Anyway, great first attempt and I think your editing was fine!
    Love from

  2. Hey girl!

    Found ya on Pinterest. 🙂 LOVE how you’re showing up in the world. I’m thinking of heading into the YouTubing world too! But first easing myself in with Podcasting.

    Your work gives me the motivation to not be so scared of video!

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