Today we have a fab guest post by a lovely blogger friend of mine. This is a topic very close to my heart so I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.

I will not lie to you, I am a flawed human being.  Some are big flaws, some are small flaws but none the less, you are reading something written by an imperfect being.

However, chances are everything you have ever read, was written by an imperfect being.  We all know nobody’s perfect, so why do we expect so much from ourselves?

Our flaws make us unique and special. Learning to love our flaws makes us the best kind of people. Celebrate them with us now. Read more!
Flaws Make Us Real

If you have ever taken a creative writing class you know that the characters you create have got to have flaws.

This is rule number one when creating characters for any medium because no one can identify with a perfect character.  In every classic literary work, the main character has at least one big flaw.  

Romeo and Juliet kill themselves,  Tom Sawyer loves to make up stories, and Good Ol’ Master Scrooge, well his miserly ways are known the world round.  

The point is, flaws are what make us human.  They make us interesting, they give us something to work on and they make it easier for other people to relate to us.  

Just like the characters in books and movies, other people would have a hard time forming relationships with us if we weren’t flawed in some way.

Your Flaws Make You, You

I live at the end of a dirt road in a very rural section of the US and I completely enjoy the peace and quiet.  

I go camping instead of to crowded beaches, I prefer a Tuesday night out rather than a Friday, and cities scare the crap out of me. The thought of being an actress makes my skin crawl and my anxiety in cities will forever keep me off of Wall Street.  

Yes, I have social anxiety, so do millions of other people.  So even though this is something I try to work on, I still have to laugh at myself and love that this is what makes me, well me.  

If I didn’t have this flaw, I might be a great actress, but a horrible writer.  Perhaps I would love big cities, but hate being in the middle of the woods.

Maybe I would love working in an office, and have no interest in operating a backhoe.  The point is,  without this one flaw, my entire worldview and personality would change.  

Our flaws make us unique and special. Learning to love our flaws makes us the best kind of people. Celebrate them with us now. Read more!

Learn to Laugh at Yourself

If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?  Yes, you are flawed but most days these flaws are nothing more than a minor irritant.  

For example, I consider my complete lack of fashion sense a big flaw.  I see people who look so put together, their shirt matches their pants and their shoes bring the whole ensemble together. It doesn’t even really matter the style, country chic to urban hip, I am impressed with them all.  

I am impressed because I am over here trying to figure out if this t-shirt matches these jeans.  You can turn me loose with thousands of dollars in any clothing store and I will come out with  jeans and if I am feeling fancy a sweater or two.  

This one took a while for me to learn to laugh at, but at 40, there is just nothing left to be done.  

My friends graciously help me pick out clothes when I have a need for something more than my standard jeans and  t-shirt, in trade, I install lights and help them pick out plants for their landscaping.  It’s a trade I am happy to make.

Work on Your Flaws, but Don’t Expect Perfection

I have shared two of my flaws with you today.  These flaws are part of me, they make me who I am, but that doesn’t mean I can’t work on them.  

If nothing else, working on them in some way makes me feel like I am growing and improving.

For my fashion sense, I read fashion magazines, watch Project Runway and pin every ridiculously frilly dress I can find on Pinterest. (Perhaps I should have been a pageant girl).  

My fashion sense has improved slightly, but I am in no way ready to show myself at New York Fashion week.

My social anxiety is a bit tougher. My friends have talked me into going to a Garth Brooks concert, and that will be a big stretch for me.  It is more than a month away and I am already nervous for this one.  

I know this stretch of myself will be good for me, and I also know my friends will understand if I decide to wait in the car halfway through the show.  

I am willing to expand my horizons, but I do not expect to be the big party girl, chatting up everyone around me.

Smiling will help you overcome your fear of talking to people. anxiety, depression or mental health issue

Keep it in Perspective

We all have flaws, you nor I am perfect.  

The next time you are frustrated at one of your flaws, keep that in mind.  Work on them, but don’t expect perfection.  Any small step in the right direction is a great thing.  

Laugh at the silliness often brought out by flaws.  Most of all, share some of your flaws with others, it makes us relatable and easier to get along with.    

Michele Cook is the author behind Michele’s Finding Happiness, a website dedicated to helping people find their path to happiness in their life.  She is a mom, a wife, a railroad signalman and a freelance writer.  Check out her site to find ways you can add a little more happiness to your life.

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  1. I just love this post. I needed that reminder this week so this week will help to remind me that I am not perfect and will never be, so no use beating myself up. Thanks Jess and the fancy frilly dress girl Michele, lol

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