Looking for planner inspiration? I can help with that! By dedicating a whole post to my love of planners and how to use them I also know I’m not going to win everyone over. But let me try.

Paper planner or app? How can you use your planner to get the most out of your life?

I love my planner/diary. I know not everyone else likes planners and honestly I understand. They aren’t for everyone.

But even if by the end of this post I haven’t won you over – it may have made you think just that tiny little bit! Anyway, I’d never force my opinions on you. I’m not that bad. Really.

Some of are a bit weird. I am weird. If you have a bit of a stationary fetish then planners are even better! It’s the perfect excuse to go out and buy some. I know what I’ll be doing on pay-day!

Planners/diaries are absolutely great for organisation. But they can also help with other aspects of your life too.

The thing is, it’s all well and good saying you’ll be more organised, but actually doing it is another thing altogether.


I think the first question to think about is – planner app or paper planner?!

To be or not to be. That is the question. A quote from Arnold Sweatyknickers himself. Well not him directly, but yeah I like the film Last Action Hero.

Okay so that’s not really relevant but its a good quote! But it is an important question as not everyone gets along with a paper planner and vice versa.

Both have their pros and cons and one or the other may not work for you. I’m not going to preach to you either as I know not everyone is like me. But if you’re considering it, then have a read below on the pros and cons.

Paper planner


– If you like stationary, a paper planner is ideal. You can include sticky labels, stickers, tape and pens to decorate it if you are a visual type. You can decorate to your heart’s content.

– It allows you to slot anything in which is useful, for example receipts, notes, shopping lists etc.If you like it can be your go to place to keep everything in one place (within reason).

– When you need to write something down – you don’t have to faff around in your phone to do it. Sometimes I get frustrated with the annoying copying and pasting needed on my phone and it’s so much easier writing it down instead.

– If you have massive fingers like I do then you aren’t going to get along with apps. Editing becomes a bit of a nightmare and writing on paper is much easier.

– I find that you can easily forget Apps on your phone. If you’re just starting out with a planner and are not fully committed, the last thing you’re going to want to do on your phone is plan. There are much more important things to be done on your phone than planning! I get that a lot.

– Writing down something cements the thought in your head. Typing it out quickly on an app may not be the best way you remember and as such a paper planner might be better.

– Once you’ve deleted something on an app, it’s gone forever. At least when it’s written down you can salvage at least something from it.


– Carrying a paper planner around is not the most convenient. Depending on the size it can be bulky and heavy. It could also be a source of annoyance with bits of paper hanging out if this isn’t your thing.

– It could be perceived as ‘ancient’. Our lives involve a huge amount of technology and unfortunately you can’t ‘sync’ a paper planner to anything.

– Modern day life is very fast paced and as such you need a face paced tool. Writing everything down on paper may not have room in your life right now.

– Again it could be easily forgotten. You buy a planner and leave it somewhere, never to be used again. It looks pretty, but that’s about all it is to you.

– Apps are cheap/free, whereas a paper planner can set you back £10 or more for a good one.

This list includes just a few pros and cons – there are many more. But it gives you a bit of an idea of how each tool might help you.

What a lot of people do is actually use a bit of both – paper and app. Personally this doesn’t work for me after giving it a try. This is certainly something you should try though and see how it goes. You never know!

In addition to this it’s all well and good me harping on about how to use one below but remember it may not work for you.

Either one is great if you have a bad memory like me. My memory is shocking and as such I need these in my life to actually get stuff done. Otherwise the idea/thing/goal would be gone in a shot.

So what can I use my planner for?

As mentioned in the title, any type of planner can help you in everyday life.

You probably know how much I like organisation and I’m a firm believer that being organised eases my anxiety. So I’m going to go into a little detail what you can do with your planner.

Use it to set, and keep track, of your goals. In a previous post I covered goal setting and how to do it. A planner is the perfect tool to keep you on track.

By using your planner as a tool for your goals, you can keep track of them easily in your planner. You can set reminders or set dates or review. Time-frames are important in your quest on achieving your goals so a planner will help you keep on track.

You can also add additional info as part of your goals in your planner. For example if you’ve come across a useful resource which will help you, you can add it to your goal. It’s important to understand what you will need to achieve your goal and a planner will help with that.

A planner is great for all of your to-do lists. I’ll be covering to-do lists at some point but your planner is great for your lists. It is one central location for your personal reference and to keep you focused.

My to-do lists are usually written on paper. I then tape/staple them into my planner. It’s no good having bits of paper all over the place for them to be easily forgotten. Again if you’re anything like me you’ll easily forget.

It also helps to keep your lists private. Sticking your lists to the fridge is great, but if they have personal/private/surprise things on you don’t want the rest of your family/other half seeing them. Keeping them in your planner is a way of doing this.

It can ease the burden of remembering things. As mentioned above – my memory is shocking. A planner can be used to track your birthdays, anniversaries, doctors appointments, etc. You can set reminders in your phone if you use an app, or you can write reminders in your planner.

They are great for this. Remember – you can’t be expected to remember everything! Why not enlist the help of a planner instead?

A planner can help you collate all of your thoughts. Sometimes, if I have a lot on my mind, I write. Writing my thoughts down really helps me to process my feelings and make sense of them. So you could use your planner almost like a journal.

Depending on the size of your paper planner, just writing down your feelings can help. I don’t just mean to-do lists, but things that have annoyed you, made you happy or made you sad. If you struggle with your emotions this can be really therapeutic.

You could then come back to your thoughts at another stage and think about what it was that caused these feelings. Then you can work on improving/changing these situations into positive ones.

Honestly, writing is great for this!

Planners are amazing.

All of the above can really help improve your life. I only write about my passions and can’t stress enough how great they can be.

If you want more tips on how to stay organised, read my post on what I do to keep on top of it in this crazy world we live in!

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How do you feel about planners? What do you do with your planner? Let me know – I’d love to hear about it!

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    • I know the feeling! I never used to have one – until I started uni and everything changed for me. Now I have to have the fanciest planner around, and one that can be expended. I don’t know where I’d be without mine either!

    • I know exactly what you mean! I think my problem is I’m impatient and sorting my life out in Google calendar doesnt work for me. It’s good you’ve found out what works for you though! I hope your blogging goals go well – you’ll have to keep me updated!

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