An anxiety-free morning can lead to an anxiety-free day. Read these easy tips to help you and your anxiety have a stress-free morning.

For those with a mental health issue, having a great start to the day can really set you up for a good ‘un.

That’s why I thought I’d put together this article for you right now. Some days are a lot worse than others, though, aren’t they?

We’re going to focus on getting your bad mornings turned into okay-ish/good mornings. Sorting out the anxious feelings that appear when you wake up is key to this.

Here are some really useful tips to help you make things a little smoother for you. These are what I do to keep things calm. That’s all we want, is it? A bit of peace.

An anxiety-free morning can lead to an anxiety-free day. Read these easy tips to help you and your anxiety have a stress-free morning.

Before I get into things, I thought I’d just remind you that you can grab my eBook now! I won’t bore you with the details on here but you can read more/buy now by clicking here. It’s for women who feel overwhelmed and need to get back on track with their lives.

Let’s get stuck in then, shall we?

First, figure out what is causing your morning anxiety

Waking up and feeling anxious is a normal feeling for those with anxiety or another mental health condition. Working out what is causing this can actually be a confusing. Most of the time you don’t actually feel like there’s anything wrong.

Being able to figure out what is causing your anxiety can be a difficult process. Honestly, I know how hard it can be. Trying to explain these feelings (even to yourself) can feel like trying to explain unicorns to someone.

But here are some helpful ways to figure it out. Oh and don’t forget your download:

  • Did you get a bad night’s sleep?

Having trouble sleeping can cause no end of feelings waiting for you when you wake up. I know this because I don’t think I’ve had a good night’s sleep for years!

A poor sleep is the result of troubles and worries thought about before bed. They keep you awake at night and cause a disturbed night. Sound like you?

There are ways to combat this, though.

I find that using grounding techniques work wonders for my brain. It helps bring myself back to the present and focusing on the here and now.

Without this, my mind decides to take a trip down memory lane and worry about the things I said 5 years ago to someone I probably don’t even talk to anymore.

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  • Is it too much caffeine?

Caffeine is everywhere. Unluckily for those with anxiety, it contributes to anxious feelings. Although caffeine has it’s health benefits on its own (including helping you live longer), it’s not great when all you want to do is settle down and relax.

Avoiding caffeine before bedtime (I don’t drink any coffee after 5pm) can help. If this sounds familiar, keep a note of this. Caffeine is actually in a lot of drinks nowadays so here are some to avoid:

– Decaf coffee (yes, you read that right!)

– Regular and diet Coke

– Other fizzy drinks

– Chocolate

– Ice cream

– Some painkillers

– Some herbal teas

As you can see, caffeine is found in a lot of products. Some of those you’d least expect it. Try to avoid these before bed to help you get a better night’s sleep.

  • Are you worrying excessively?

This^ 200% is me.

I worry constantly. That probably explains why I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Worrying causes the majority of my anxiety (whether that’s morning, afternoon or night). Learning to control this is an uphill battle I tell ya.

But there are some simple techniques to help you with this.

  1. Consider whether your worries are rational or not. Would your worrying stand up in court as evidence?
  2. Weigh up the pros and cons
  3. Remember that 99% of your worries never come true
  4. Are you catastrophising (assuming the worst possible situations)?
  5. Are you trying to read people’s minds (thus causing you to worry about something you’ve done to upset them)?

Taking a step back on your worries can really help to work them out. This is something that I have to spend a lot of time doing.

Honestly, if only you’d hear the conversations I have in my mind. I have to tell myself off multiple times a day. Sounds crazy, but ti works.

  • Set yourself some goals

Goals to me are the bread and butter of living.

Without goals, I feel helpless and useless. I like to know I’m working towards something and look forward to the feeling of accomplishment once done.

By creating your goals in the morning (preferably the first thing you do after getting up) lets you sort your thoughts out.

It lets you figure out what needs to be done and when. It helps you prioritise the tasks that are more important.

Doing this will lift some (if not all) of the weight you carry the minute you wake up.

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  • Get a plan sorted for the day

Once you’ve set up your goals, you can then go about working out your plan.

If your worries and anxiety are being caused by too much on your plate, now’s the time to sort it out.

I know how easy it is to ignore everything that is worrying you. But sometimes facing your fears is the only way.

Start by writing your plan down for the day. Write down everything you need to get sorted. If it helps, start off with the little tasks that you know you won’t have trouble with.

Once don,e cross them off and I mean PHYSICALLY cross them off. Honestly, it’s the best feeling! It’ll help your confidence and hopefully make you feel a little braver for the next tasks.

Keep doing that until everything you need to do is crossed off.

After that, reward yourself! Whatever it is that makes you happy, do it. Whether it’s a glass of wine, some chocolate (not before bed, though!), or some make-up.

Keeping it positive will make it easier the next time around (and the next morning).

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  • Write down your feelings/start a gratitude journal

Writing down my issues and feelings is the most therapeutic task for me.

I find it SO difficult talking about my feelings that I just have to write them down sometimes. Not even my partner can break down those walls sometimes!

So if you think it will help/haven’t tried it before, try it now.

Grab whatever piece of paper you have (or buy a nice shiny new notebook if you love stationary like me) and start writing.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • What issues do you have right now?
  • Troubles you can’t get off your mind?
  • What is making you happy right now?
  • Are you struggling with an issue at work?

These are just a few. But whatever you are struggling with, get it down. It’ll help you process your feelings and get them off your chest.

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  1. Great Article! This reminded me of how important a gratitude journal is when you are starting a big new venture and feeling anxious about it. I’m going to start working on that again tonight. Thanks!

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