Do you feel like you have no control over your anxiety? Do you feel like it controls you rather you controlling it? Here are some useful ways to deal with anxiety. Plus, don’t forget your FREE downloadable swipe file to go with it.

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Here are some useful ways to deal with anxiety. Plus, get your FREE downloadable swipefile to go with it! Learn to take back your life and break up with your anxiety!

Anxiety has a habit of ruining lives. It can send you into a deep dark hole, make you more susceptible to depression and damage health.

But don’t let that stop you! As much as you might not think it, you can deal with anxiety on a day to day basis. You might not feel like it right now, but it is possible.

Before I was diagnosed with anxiety, I thought my behaviour was normal.

You know things like analysing everyone’s actions to see if I’d upset someone. Finding it hard to get myself in the present through worrying about the past/future. Worrying about how fast my heart was beating.

Well, it turns out that wasn’t normal but it wasn’t until about six years later did I come to realise that.

Since then I’ve been on a journey in my quest to beat anxiety. I’m here now because of that.

So, if this sounds appealing to you and you want to be where I am now, read on.

Here are some really useful tips for dealing with your anxiety day to day:

Only deal with each day as it comes

Oftentimes we can spend much thought and energy on what ifs and buts. This is something that you are prone to if you suffer from anxiety. Our mind is whirring away considering all options and outcomes that we forget about our lives right now.

I think this ties in with me being organised. Knowing what is happening in the coming days/weeks allows me to focus on the day at hand.

I suppose our brains are a bit like computers. The more we are processing at one time, the slower it becomes. Eventually, it may end up just giving up!

So, dealing with your days one day at a time is a really useful way to help you deal with anxiety. If you want to quit being anxious, this would be a good day to start.

If this sounds like something you want to work on, read my post about to-do lists now. This is a top list of why to-do lists are great (see what I did there?!) God I am hilarious sometimes.

Anyway, keeping a to-do list will help you stay on track with your daily tasks. This will keep your stress levels down and anxiety at bay. not only this but setting some goals for the day will also work wonders (read my post all about goals here)

Remember that you will make mistakes sometimes

You know, as humans, we are very critical of ourselves. I know I am. Even if it’s the smallest little thing like writing the wrong word in an email, you bet I’ll know.

I will then spend the next hour or more thinking about the repercussions of this.

Does that sound like you? Please say yes, even just to help me feel better about myself, ha!

Anyway on a more serious note, if this actually is you then you need to learn to not be so hard on yourself.

Being aware of our mistakes is a good thing as you know what not to do next time. However taking this to a whole new level is not healthy.

Take care when considering your mistakes. A lot of the time they will just be general everyday things that you wouldn’t normally do. You will learn from it and move on.

Everyone makes mistakes after all. Letting go of them is hard work but not impossible.

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Give yourself some credit

Do you know the phrase, “Credit where credit is due”? This is highly relevant right now. The meaning of this phrase is:

Praise given when it is deserved, even if one is reluctant to give it.

If you are even just a tiny bit like me, then the last thing you will do is praise yourself.

You will focus on the negative rather than the positive, and highly criticise you and your actions.

You will cringe at the thought of giving yourself some credit. You can dish it out in bucket loads, though.

So now we both know where each other stands, I want you to give yourself some credit.

For example, when you do a good job at work, give yourself some credit. Or maybe you faced a situation you would normally avoid, pat yourself on the back.

This will most likely be extremely difficult for you right now, anxiety and all.

But the more you do it, the easier it will become. Plus, if you want to start breaking up with your anxiety, this is one of the steps forward for you. Oh and in case you missed it, here is my recent article on gaining control which comes with a FREE PRINTABLE!

Push yourself to do things that you procrastinate

How many times have you sat there thinking about all the stuff you need to get done?

How many times have you felt worse for not doing the things you were supposed to?

If you answered ‘a lot’ to either of these questions, this section is for you. I know EXACTLY how it feels. I know how hard it is knowing you need to get something done, and then not doing it.

I basically flopped my last year of university because of it.

Anyway, human nature means that we are very prone to avoiding situations that we don’t want to face.

Making a conscious effort to do these things takes courage, to be honest. That’s why I wrote a whole post all about procrastination!

But today is the day when you do it. If at least you accomplish one thing today, make it something that you avoid. Whether is calling up your energy/internet company or booking an appointment you’ve been avoiding, do it now.

Sometimes you need that push to get you up and in action. Honestly, I wish I knew what I know now – years ago.

If it helps, grab out that to-do list and physically tick it off once it’s done. You’ll get a feeling of accomplishment from doing so and it will make your list seem shorter.

Whatever it is that works for you, have a think about it and then do it.

Here are some useful ways to deal with anxiety. Plus, get your FREE downloadable swipefile to go with it! Learn to take back your life.

Remember that you are in control

If it wasn’t for my therapist I never would have known that I like being in control. Although it wasn’t glaringly obvious to me, I can now see why.

You might be thinking, “Noooo I’m not a control freak/don’t like being in control”.

That is completely understandable. But trust me, your actions speak louder than words.

Spend a bit of time thinking about how your ideal life would look like. Is it structured and well organised? Do you like knowing where everything is? Do you have certain routines throughout the day?

No one is saying you’re a control freak, that is most likely farthest from the truth. But your routines keep you safe and give you a feeling of being in control.

Use this to your advantage when it comes to anxiety (I knew I was getting to something before rambling off!).

Anxiety makes you feel out of control with your own actions. You feel physical symptoms which you feel like you have no control over. But if you think about it, those physical symptoms are a result of a feeling, most likely anxiety-inducing.

Remembering that you are in control of your own mind and your anxiety is a great way to calm the nerves. Whether it’s during a panic attack or not, this is something worth remembering.

Oh and if you needed any tips on how to deal with a panic attack (before, during and after), read this article I wrote especially for you.

My point is, although you might not feel like it, but you can control your anxiety. You don’t have to be at the mercy of it. You are a strong-willed, powerful and probably stubborn woman if you choose to be.

So the next time you feel anxiety coming on, remember this. Use the handy worksheet as a reminder if you need a little push. Use it as a mini pep-talk. 🙂

Distract yourself

Distraction does wonderful things for us. Although it doesn’t take away the issue at hand, when used with anxiety it can work wonders.

The thing with anxiety is that it is hard to shake the feeling once it comes on. It consumes and envelopes you into a deep dark space within your head. That, my friend, is very difficult to come out of, Isn’t it?

So, use distraction techniques as a way of gaining more control over your day-to-day anxiety. Keep your anxiety pangs at bay by doing things you enjoy. All yourself to forget about it for a short period of time.

If you have any hobbies you enjoy at the moment, do them. Treat it as if you are literally going through a breakup. Go out with friends (within your own constraints) or cook dinner for your other half. Just something to keep your mind busy.

Not only will this help take your mind off of things, you’ll be socialising and doing things that you may have pushed to the side. Trust me I know this happens with anxiety (or any other mental health issue for that matter), and it’s very easily done.

If you want a bit more information, read my recent post on how to distract yourself out of a panic attack (and don’t forget to grab your FREE printable!).

If at any point you feel overwhelmed, remember you can still get access to my FREE 7-day eCourse! Just pop in your details below to have it emailed to you:

The reason I bring this up is mainly that a lot of you feel like your anxiety or mental illness controls you. I want to tell you now that you can actually turn it around.

Kick anxiety’s arse to the kerb and break up for it once and for all. You can do it, I promise you!


2 comments on “How To Deal With Anxiety Day to Day to Break Up With It + Swipefile”

  1. Hey Jess. I don’t really suffer with anxiety…except in one area of my life. I am so consumed about driving to an unknown place especially if its going to take me on a highway or motorway! My new job is starting soon and it seems like I’ll be on the bus every day if I don’t get over this! Every year I tell myself that I will take the summer to get over this fear and so far, it hasn’t happened! I’m beginning to get a feel for what you and others go through with anxiety.
    Seems like you’re getting on top of it though, so we’ll done you.

    • Hi, Jo. I can totally relate to your anxiety in that sense and I think it’s quite common! It sounds like you’re ready to overcome it now though which is great, plus you’ve still got time! Sometimes these things are better little bits at a time as well, rather than jumping right into it. Maybe you could try little ones to start with? I used to hate motorways but starting small helped me 🙂

      But thanks though, it’s been a struggle for years to be honest!

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