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One of my new blogger friends Leila (click here to visit her site) asked me on her interview how I stay so organised. It got me thinking. I’ve not covered something about being organised for quite some time so I thought now would be the time when I would!

Plus I’ve already talked about how being organised can help your anxiety. Having structure and a plan works wonders for me and it might do for you.

I didn’t consider myself as organised until people started to tell me. In fact I don’t think it was in a positive way either! I like having things to do. I like knowing how I’m going to do it and get slightly agitated when it doesn’t go to plan.

This is why I have to be organised! I’m not an impulse kind of person really. Plus I love seeing a planner full of things I have to do. It’s so satisfying! You’re probably thinking, “Oh my god this lady is crazy!”. Hopefully there is someone out there that can relate!

I wanted to show you how easy it can be to get organised. These are my own ways of being organised, there is plenty more though.

Grab yourself a planner.

I cannot rave about planners enough. I even wrote a post on how to to get the most out of your life using one!

But honestly a planner is the way forward for when you know you need to get organised. This is how I stay calm and ready for anything! I can have mini meltdowns at the thought of losing my planner.

Not only is it great for keeping track of your weddings, birthdays and social events, you can keep your lists and goals in here too. You can see what I do below. I have a trusty pack of highlighters and pens to hand so I can scribble and write all over it.

How to stay organised in this crazy world we live in

How to stay organised in this crazy world we live in

My Calendar (phone) which I can’t live without.

Although I have my paper planner, sometimes I need to make a note of something quickly. This is why I use Google Calendar. I keep birthdays in there as well as in my planner. You can never be too careful!

How to stay organised in this crazy world we live in

I keep both things handy, especially if I can’t just whip the paper planner out easily. I check them both daily, weekly and monthly. You can never be too organised I reckon! Plus, I have both my tablet and phone calendar synced in so when I update on the go it goes onto my tablet!

Technology is a wonderful thing isn’t it?!

My to do lists. I love lists!

So much so I wrote a post on why to-do lists are great! I know it’s sad but I do love them. I keep shopping lists (food and other items), things I have to do daily weekly and monthly, and work stuff. They all have a special place somewhere, but I keep work stuff separate.

How to stay organised in this crazy world we live in

It really helps me stay organised. How else are we expected to remember everything?!


This is for my b log only. I need something to store any ideas I come up with for the blog. I’m talking blog post ideas, giveaway ideas and sometimes whole posts. It’s great for somewhere to keep everything and it’s a lot more customisable than just the usual word pads you get on your phone.

I have it on my laptop too and you can view all your notes on any devices you have. If you’re a blogger – I would definitely recommend it! You can visit the website here: http://www.evernote.com

Baskets and tubs. They keep me sane

This is for the tangible items I have in life. There’s nothing better than chucking things in baskets when you can’t be bothered to tidy!

But seriously though. They are cheap, fit anywhere and can be used for literally anything. I keep baskets in the bathroom currently for all the cleaning products I have there. I also keep junk in another! They look classy and can suit any decor. If you’re in the UK I’d recommend Wilkos and Ikea for your baskets. I could spend hours in those shops!

You could even label them of you wanted as well. This is something I’m currently working on. Plus you can never have too many baskets. I’m sure my mum would agree with that! I walk away with something useful every time we go to her house!

You can visit those two websites below:



Goals. I’m always looking to the future

I really believe that as human beings we need hope. We need dreams. Goals are the way I strive for better. Whether it’s learning a new skill for the blog, the running I’ve decided to take up, or my 9-5 job related. Now I know some are happy with what they have. But right now I’m excited for the future and am working towards my goals.

If you wanted to read more on goals – have a read of my post about them. Plus, even if you suffer from a mental illness and feel that it’s holding you back – don’t. Have a read about it on my recent post about realising your dreams and not letting your mental health get in the way.

I stay realistic.

I think this is the most important aspect of being organised in this crazy world we live in. You may have all the tools you need but it’s no good if you take on too much.

Considering the time a task takes is important. Also considering whether you already have enough on your plate is important. I don’t take on stuff when I know I don’t have time. So you aren’y allowed to either. Make sure you remember this. 🙂

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So there you go! How do you get organised? What do you use to stay calm and organised in the hectic world we live in?

3 comments on “How I Stay Crazily Organised in Our Hectic World!”

  1. I love this article! I love organising, I do! If its on a list it isn’t in my head anymore!! I haven’t been blogging long but my ‘Listaholic’ post and my ‘Decluttering’ posts were the first things I wanted to get off my chest and confess an addiction to! You are a Kindred Spirit!

  2. Awesome post. I really needed this. I have been all over the place juggling with so many things. Sometimes it’s feel like I have so much on my platter. I have all the things in place just need to action them and your post just reinforced the same. Thanks.

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