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Today’s post is all about the reasons why you SHOULDN’T follow your dreams. Intrigued? I was when I read it!

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I have a way of believing my dreams and at one point in my life, I depended on them.

Whatever was happening in my life at the time, and whatever my emotional state, I had a matching dream.

Dreams are exactly that, just dreams. Ha Ha! I know what you’re thinking! I have no ambition!

No, that’s not what I mean! You know when you’ve had too much to eat and gone straight to bed? Or had a late night snack? What’s likely to happen as soon as you fall asleep?

It happens all the time. Well, it does to me, don’t know about you. Well done you if you never have these dreams. Here are some of the reasons I say you should never follow your dreams.

These are real dreams that I had, by the way.

  1. I shrugged my best friend off when she greeted me with a hug.

That startled her and she said, “What’s the matter?” Then I remembered. It was only a dream, an awful dream that I had overheard her telling our friends all the secrets that I ever shared with her!

Even worse, she said she wasn’t ever going to speak to me again! Shocking!

“Just feeling out of sorts”, I said. And she nodded approvingly.

She was such a great friend and had been my best friend all through high school. So how could she do that to me? Now all my other friends knew about my past… And it hurt.

So all day I sulked and gave her the evil eyes, and all day she tried to ask me what was up! Even though I smiled and reassured her that all was well, in my heart I was seething, for she was a traitor.

And for days I was mad at her, even though I knew it was only a dream! Up to this point, many years later, I still haven’t told her about that dream I had and how nasty she’d been to me.

2. I was running about and playing with my friends all evening after school and my friend Christine and some other kids came over to play too.

It was hot, really hot and we kept running in and out of the house getting water, juice, ice etc. to quench our thirst.

Then we went round to the back of the house to carry on with the games because a car had come up and parked right in front of our house.

Being the sensible one and not wanting our ball to have an accident with the car, it was my suggestion that we go to the back of the house.

We were playing this game called ‘sightings’. It’s where two players stand at two opposite ends of a line while the rest of the players huddle up in the middle.

The object of the game is for the two players at the ends to try to throw the ball to hit those in the middle. Well, to cut a long story short, I really needed the toilet.

I needed it so badly; I ran to the side of the house, bent down, adjusted my knickers/panties and had the most awesome pee ever! It flowed and flowed with such sweet relief, it felt good.

As I got up to get back in the game, I was startled by two of my friends who had seen me do the job! Well, that’s what startled me out of my sleep too! I wasn’t 11 years old and playing sightings!

In reality, I was in my late twenties, married, pregnant and needing to replace my soaking wet mattress!

3. When I went to bed and dreamt that my husband was having an affair, I was furious.

Not only was the woman a friend of mine, she was showing off too!

Even going as far as to say “you’ve got the ring but I’ve got l…” I was seeing red, and vowed that I was going to let him taste my displeasure when he came home!

Well, apparently he tasted it right there, in bed, when he was fast asleep! I’ve never forgotten how furious I was and even into the next day, I couldn’t control my rage!

In fact, long after his swelling had gone down, that dream still consumed me and made me on edge when I saw my friend again.

4. One morning, I woke up in a flood of tears.

My heart was pounding and even though I knew it was just a dream, I couldn’t stop crying! I was in my classroom on the first day back after the Christmas break.

I had planned my lesson well so that it would be engaging and fast paced; the kids would love it!

So I thought!

In reality, they were boisterous and noisy, and everyone was walking around to show each other what they had got for Christmas!

I was shouting at them at the top of my lungs to be quiet and to go back to their seats but they were having none of it! When I had finally decided that I had lost all control,

I went into the classroom next door to get help from the teacher there and noticed that she was having a lovely activity with her group.

The kids in her class were all well behaved and engaged in the lesson! I couldn’t believe it. So what did I do?

I ran sobbing to the staff room, not even bothering to think what was happening with the horrible lot in my class. And even after I woke up out of that dream and realised what was happening, it took me ages to settle.

And even when I went to work that morning, my eyes were swollen both from the tears and from the restless night of battling with rowdy kids!

No wonder I resigned from that job!

You will understand now when I say not to follow your dreams! It’s those ones I mean.

They can be embarrassing and also cause the break-up of friendships and other relationships! Your emotional state and mental wellbeing can sometimes hold you captive when you go to sleep at night!

And there you go! Those are my reasons not to follow your dreams.

However, for your life, you need to dream big and put plans in place to accomplish your dreams. I heard this saying last week that dreams without plans are nothing more than a wish.


What are your dreams like? Do you have scary ones?

Do you even believe in dreams? I find that mine are usually a reflection (or warning) of what’s happening in my life.

Still, I think it’s not best to follow these dreams.

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