fun, cheap and easy frugal hobbies to try. Inspiration to live and be happy, cheaply.

There are so many things you can do which cost little to nothing. Whether you have a family or not, I’ve put together a nice list for you to browse for some inspiration.

Many people think that living frugally means never going out, not buying nice food and basically being poor. It isn’t. If anything it helps you free money on areas you might be spending a lot of money on, to use elsewhere!

I suppose it just makes you more aware of what you buy and where you spend money. It helps you to streamline your budget and allows you more control over your finances.

That’s why I love saving money. I can save it for something else, and in my current situation, paying off some debts. It is also why I love organising my finances too.

So, onto the main reason why I’m writing this post!

Here are some great ideas to try whether it’s on your own or with others:

 1. Pick up some books from your local charity shop

I know not everyone loves books as much as I do. But I love sitting down to a good book and a cup of tea (maybe even some biscuits!). By buying them at the local charity shop you’re giving money to a good cause, bagging yourself a bargain and have found yourself a frugal hobby. What more could you ever ask for?!

Reading is also great if you have children. You can get cheap kiddies books and spend some quality time with them.

2. Take a walk

Walking is great if you suffer from anxiety. It helps clear your head and allows you to process your thoughts without having to worry about other people. You get some exercise, get to see the sights around you and be more aware of your body.

You don’t need any money to walk. It might sound silly to you but walking around the local park is often forgotten. You can take your family, friends or loved one and enjoy a nice day out.

The thing with anxiety is it can lead to isolation. If you feel your anxiety getting on top of you, a walk can help.

 3. Do some DIY

I’ll be covering some more great DIY projects to do at a later point but getting creative and upcycling your things is fun and cheap. I wrote a post here which gives you some ideas.

You might think that DIY is hard, or maybe you’re a little scared about getting started. But If I can do it – so can you! Depending on what you’re thinking about doing, you can pick up tools and bits at your Poundshops, charity shops, or any bargain shop.

Spending some time by yourself can be quite therapeutic. It allows you to concentrate on one thing, whilst zoning out everything else. Again this is great for anxiety and other mental illnesses.

 4. Try adult colouring

My mum starting adult colouring some months ago and it was the first I’d heard about it. She’d heard about it through a well known website and she still does it to this day. I’ve heard so many good things about it from others as well.

All you need are some colouring pencils and a book. You can get lots of good books from Amazon. Here are a few:

Allocate yourself a quiet corner free from distractions. It won’t work otherwise! All you need to do then is colour! Again it’s a great activity to give your mind some rest from the hectic life you live. colouring isn’t just for kid either. Give it a go!

 5. Start a journal

I’ve had a journal on and off since I was about 13. I find writing very therapeutic and allows me to make sense of what’s going on in my head. If you’re like me, you tend to struggle with emotions and find it a lot easier writing it down.

Starting a journal requires little money to get started. You just need a pen and a notepad. There are lots of posts by other bloggers which give you ideas on where to start. You could write about how your days gone. What made you happy and what made you sad. Maybe you could write about your favourite things. You can write about anything you want.

It’d also be a good idea to find somewhere quiet and private. You might find it hard to start with. Sometimes I do. Just search for journal prompts in Google and you’ll be given a wealth of ideas.

 6. Take up gardening

I love pottering about in the garden. It’s still cold but I can’t wait for it to get warmer so I can get out there and start messing around! I’ve always loved being in my garden, even from a very young age. My mum would always find me there!

Gardening is a cheap hobby to take up as you need little tools to get started. Once you start being a bit more ambitious this could be where it can get expensive. But you can pick up seeds and plants from Aldi, Asda and Wilkos. You can get a small spade and fork for gardening cheaply as well. Gardening allows you to focus on something, which again is great for your peace of mind and sufferers of anxiety.

There’s something serene about gardening. It’s calming, frugal and you can see the fruits of your labour.

7. US Money has a post which had a really great idea – listening to podcasts

This is something I never would have thought of. But it would be a great way to pass some time and listen to something interesting. I know there are literally thousands of podcasts you can listen to. Even if you need something to fall asleep to, this would also be great.

Plus, the even better bit about podcasts – they’re free! Download to your hearts content.

So as you might have guessed, the list is endless. There are so many things you can do by yourself or with friends/family that cost little to nothing. My personal favourite is reading.

What do you do in your spare time? If you’re trying to be frugal, what hobbies would you suggest?


8 comments on “Fun and Cheap Frugal Hobbies”

  1. True, being frugal in general allows a little extra money to be spent in areas where you want to spend it–I’m grateful for that! I love reading, too, and am lucky to have a library within walking distance!

    • Hi Rachel – it’s so true isn’t it? It makes being frugal all worth while 🙂 I always forget about the library! I’ll have to insert that in somewhere – thanks for making the suggestion!

  2. #3 is probably my obsession year round. I’m always thinking of what creative project I can do next ,and it’s such a relaxing and fun hobby for me. I also enjoy gardening/landscaping in the spring and summer months. Great post! 🙂

    • Hi Cara! DIY is definitely a great hobby to have – you can create anything you like! I’m not like you though, it’s not something I do on a regular basis but I’m glad you’ve found something you enjoy! Plus, I bet the things you make look amazing!

  3. Listening to podcasts is a great date for husband and I. Normally we make an anti-pasta tray and some wine and sit together to listen. I find it so comforting and love sharing this with my husband.

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