This is a completely new page but had been on my to-do list for pretty much a year!

But I’m here now and want to show you some of the best websites I’ve come across to help you with your anxiety/mental health. These are either resources I’ve created as part of freebies with posts, or other websites I visit often. Enjoy!

First – freebies (just enter your name and email when you click the link to have it delivered to your email mailbox – you will need to confirm your email first)

**POPULAR** Gratitude printable to allow you to focus on the positives

Learning to gain back control download

Using distractions to help you with your anxiety

**POPULAR** Creating a positive outlook on life download

How to beat the blues and move on

**POPULAR** Hobbies and activities for your mental health

**Download** 7 Ways To Keep Your Mind, Anxiety and Body Healthy

How to have an anxiety-free morning

Download – 28 mental health hacks

Unfortunately at the moment you’ll need to put your email through each time if you want more than one. It shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Recommended websites and resources

Jo & Leisa’s Penny Pinching Paradise – Living life while squeezing lemons, with lots of tips and inspiration for saving those pennies

Michele’s Finding Happiness – finding inspiration during life’s struggles, which includes building happiness into everyday life

Julie’s Filling The Jars – Learn to simplify, organize, meal plan, manage your money, and create an income.

Anxious Lass – For all things mental health (with a lovely layout written by a lovely woman) – advice help and education on anxiety, from a males perspective