Can you actually believe it is the end of May already?! I can’t. But you know what that means!

Another Fascinating Fancies! I’m going to share with you all of the fascinating things I’ve discovered over the past few weeks. Hopefully you find it interesting!

Remember – if you are a blogger and wanted to share your own, feel free to get in contact! You can email me at if you think you have something worth sharing 🙂

Lets dig in!

Some of the best bits from across the web

I thought I’d share a friend’s blog today as it has quite a humerous first post! Nor’as blog Oh My Tragic Life shares a funny family story. Who wouldn’t want to read those!

If there are any anime fans out there (in the UK), Studio Gibli are showing their films across cinemas! I absolutely love and am actually going soon to see Spirited Away. If you wanted to check it out, you can visit the site here.

For any of those bloggers reading this, Bethany Ashley lists 40 sites to join to earn money online. It’s a fantastic list so go check it out!

I know I could always use extra and better sleep. Go check out this blog Diary of a New Mommy to read what it is that’s causing you to sleep less/have a bad nights sleep. There are some useful tips on how to solve it too. Great stuff!

The Millennial Budget shares some useful information on achieving your saving goals. I know that this is something we should be doing considering we have a wedding to plan but hey ho! Useful all the same.

Party Trail shares their best tips on travelling to Indonesia. This is good for those thinking of taking the plunge! There are also some great pictures to check out too.

Oh my god. This post doesn’t help me as I’m starving and waiting for a takeaway to arrive (yes I am allowed a treat now and then). Watch What U Eat shares a delicious Salmon Zucchini burger. The photos clearly give it justice! Go have a look.

5 comments on “Fascinating Fancies #9”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing!! I’ll be checking the others out for sure and sharing this post. I can’t believe May is already almost over, either. Crazy!!

  2. I like the idea of having a FACINATING FANCY blog post! Think I’ll steal your idea. lol
    How often do you do this? I look forward to the post about getting better sleep.
    Thanks again

    • Hi! I’m going to reply to your email tonight when I get back from work by the way 🙂 I post this once per month now as I couldn’t keep up with once a week! Glad you like it though!

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