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Right. I deserve a slap on the wrist for this!

For those that have enjoyed my Fascinating Fancy posts, you’ll know I’ve slacked over the past month following struggling to keep up with it every week. So I’ve decided to amend it slightly to ease the load a bit.

You may be aware that I used to post every Wednesday with a nice variety of links which I thought you’d find useful. I’ve decided to change this now to accommodate more links, but not so often.

So now you can expect to see Fascinating Fancies on the last Wednesday of each month.

I love sharing links that I’ve found useful (and hopefully you will too) so I’m going to carry on sharing useful stuff, just a little less often.

Again, if you have anything you’d like to share, please feel free to let me know! You can contact me HERE via my Contact page.

Lets move on to this month’s Fascinating Fancies post!

I know a lot of my friends and family have at some point visited Aldi. Some of you either love it, hate it or are somewhere in-between. If you aren’t sure what you should or shouldn’t be buying, have a read of this guide by A Thrifty Mrs. I can tend to agree with everything on this post. Have a browse!

Following on from My Month long special Make March Frugal, I found this page which gives you some useful ways to start living frugally at About Money. Some of the recommended ideas are really very simple!

This is a recent post by me where I talk about what anxiety means to me. It includes a disclaimer as I know it sounds crazy. But it’s an honest account which you might find interesting.

Defying Mental Illness is a great website with lots to read about mental illnesses as a whole. This is not just for anxiety. You can find blog posts by followers of faith, plus much more. There are some really nice articles to read. Check it out.

For the structure orientated, organisation lovers, here is a nice post to get you started on the journey of being organised. If this is something you want to do of course! Provided by Lifehack, it explains what organised people do which you may want to adopt.

I hope you’ve found these interesting, I know I have!

If you fancied browsing a bit more, why not check out previous months?







See you next month for another monthly Fascinating Fancies!

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  1. Thanks for the great reads. I used to hate shopping at Aldi’s, but after a few years I returned. I was surprised at how much it had changed. They really focused in on providing better quality foods, and how do they get some of that organic food so cheap?

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