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Welcome to number 6 of Fascinating Fancies! It’s getting to that point now where my other half is like (in a funny voice): “Oooooh is it time for FASCINATING FANCIES…?!”

Yes, yes it is. I can’t help but think he is mocking me but oh well. I’m enjoying myself!

On another note – sorry again it hasn’t been published on Wednesday! I am truly sorry – it’s just that I got some exciting news about an article I published at Virallyblog.com. Hopefully you can forgive me?!

So here are a few bits of light reading for you this week. Nothing to heavy I promise!

Here is 99 Interesting Facts About The World To Blow Your Mind. Honestly you might be surprised to hear some of these!

If you feel like adding a splash of colour to your wooden stuff, check out this tutorial on creating a colour wash on wood over at Dukes and Duchesses. Its really easy and simple.

Have a look at this nice post from The Undateable Girl’s diary – photography: underwaterlove. They are her own pictures and are stunning and serene. They might help calm you head when your feeling a little bit overwhelmed.

For those that believe money doesn’t buy happiness. It can. I would normally be the first person to say that this statement is DEFINITELY NOT THE CASE. However reading this article at InvestmentVen makes some quite valid points on what you could to to make you happy. It;s not about buying possessions – it’s more than that. Have a read!

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Tell me what you think about money buying happiness. What do you think?!


5 comments on “Fascinating Fancies #6”

  1. Glad you liked the piece Jessica, and thanks for sharing it!

    Money can’t buy happiness if you don’t know how to be happy. But if you have your priorities in line, money can sure buy a lot of things that make us happy – more time with loved ones, time to pursue our passions, the ability to help others, freedom to travel, and probably the most valuable thing money can buy – freedom from money!

    • That’s okay – I think it gives a really great argument on why money could buy you happiness. Everything you mentioned resonated with me so thought it was definitely worth a mention! Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. Thank you again for including me in your list. 🙂 I’m also gonna check out some of the other links. Just a suggestion, maybe highlight the links? When I first viewed your post, I didn’t even realize that there were other links to check out and I love to find new articles. Glad you liked the pictures. 🙂

    • Hi Hayley! Thanks so much for letting me know – I did kinda think that so I’ll definitely look into that now. Feedback is always useful so I’m really glad you’ve said it 🙂 Also no problem with the link – I thought it was really useful so felt only natural in sharing. 🙂

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