Welcome to a new edition of Fascinating Fancies!

A random assortment of bits and bobs I’ve found over the week – and there were loads!

I’m going to keep it short and sweet this time though and hopefully not bore you too much 🙂

Firstly you can view #3 here.

If you haven’t already found this website – StumbleUpon is great for just browsing the web. It learns from your likes to give you better content – very smart! Add your own interests and browse away. You can add/view me here! The more the merrier haha.

A useful blog post overcoming self doubt by the Positivity BlogFor me this would be good for sufferers of anxiety, but then anyone can let self-doubt creep in at any time. Have a read, it’s got some useful tips!

If you can’t get enough of organisation, here are 41 insanely awesome organisation hacks at Popsugar! Organisation envy right there.

As you may well know – it’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday. If you don’t have much money (or want to try and save a bit of money but still celebrate it) here are some nice ideas over at The Huff Post. They’ve got 20 free date ideas for you to try. Although some are slightly cheesy I’m sure you could find something.

That’s it for this week – let me know if you find them interesting!

Can you recommend any to me? I love browsing the web!



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