Welcome to a new edition of Fascinating Fancies!

I hope you’ve enjoyed them so far, I know I’ve enjoyed sharing them!

So what’s in store this week for my lovely people? Well read below for a variety of blog posts and websites which you might find useful….

– If you find yourself hiding from your bank statements, have a read of this post over at The Diary of a Frugal Family: Why I Never Used to Check My Bank Statement (and 5 Reasons Why You Should…

– On the lines of money… Here is a post called How to Save Money: 100 Great Tips to Get You Started by Trent Hamm which is good if you need a helping hand getting yourself into gear.

– Do you want to declutter? Here is a useful blog post from Forever Organised on 101 things to declutter with a really nice list you can download to get yourself started.

– If you are also like me, you didn’t know that Oxfam have an online shop selling second hand clothes! I think this is a fantastic website with lots of choice, whilst also supporting charity. They also have lovely homeware items and treasure. Take a look!

– As you may be aware it is still freezing! I’ve missed the son really but there is a great post here which helps you find cheap thermals on a thrifty budget.

Are there any sites you can recommend? what thrifty/frugal steps do you take?

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