I’ve got some lovely bloggers to share with you today! Not only this, but I’ve got some cool things to tell you all about. Read below to find out more!

The best blogs for your mental health, well-being and anxiety. These are blogger friends so go check them out!

Well then! We’re at the end of another Month. Where does the time fly?

I usually cover some of the best bits I’ve discovered. Today, though, it’s  a little bit different.

I feel the need to share something about the blogging community first off. What I’ve realised is that the blogging community is actually fantastic. I love it and can’t think of anything better to be a part of.

Everyone is so friendly and supportive that I couldn’t wish for anything more! Love you all <3

Since starting my blog, I’ve had the pleasure of getting in touch with some lovely bloggers (one that actually lives near me as well!).

So I’m going to share their blogs with you today. I wouldn’t normally do this but each and every one of them deserves a high-five.

Do check them out; I’m sure they’d love to have you there!

Jessie @ Paper Coffee Store – Jessie and I got introduced through my mental health series a while back. She blogs all about well-being and health which is great. Go and check out her blog – she has a lovely writing style!

Twins Jo and Leisa @ Joleisa.com –  Blogger Jo and her sister are friends of mine who lives very close by to me! Their blog is all about wellness and living life to the full. It is a wonderfully bright and colourful blog which I am totally drawn to. Check it out!

Mandie @ Nosh and Nurture – A beautiful blog by a blogger friend on all things good for the soul. Mandi is also chronicling her progress through pregnancy which is fab! Oh, and did I mention she blogs about mental health too? Definitely worth a visit!

Tracy & Joce @ Oh Dear, Deer! – Joce approached me to be part of my recent series on mental health when I was looking for bloggers to open up about it. Since then we have stayed in touch. Bonus for you and me – their blog speaks volumes to me, and no doubt with you! <3

Catelyn @ Beauty and the Chaos – Catelyn took the plunge recently and started a blog. She is also fab at make-up! Catelyn also suffers from anxiety and she gives her own experience on the blog. Check it out!

Leila @ LeilaRexford.com – Currently under construction, myself and Leila met as fellow bloggers and are both engaged! Her blog is down for maintenance right now but I recommend subscribing to get all the updates. She’s lovely and funny. 🙂

Finally – Cora @ The Mini Millionaire – Another very dollar-savvy blogger friend. We met again through my mental health series and has since opened a shop! Cora’s blog is your one-stop-shop for learning to manage your money better. Awesome!

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