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This is my first post dedicated to Fascinating Fancies.

Every Wednesday I will share with you the various things I have discovered which includes links/interesting titbits and knowledge from the past week. Have a browse and see what you think!

Jumpstart January – If you have seen my post here you will know I am all about organising at the moment. If you need any advice on how to organise and declutter, this post over with Penny Colightly is the start of her week-long series. Have a browse, I found it very useful!

Home app for Android – I found this when browsing Facebook a few weeks ago. The idea is that there are wonderful home improvement items at a discounted rate. I have already ordered a large rug which cost £17 (including delivery) and 4 cushions (without covers as I always struggle to find these)!

The delivery time is longer but you can bag a real bargain if you’re willing to wait 2-4 weeks. You can also sometimes unlock extra discounts when buying to get off your next purchase. Lovee it!

Everything 5 Pounds – So this isn’t a recent discovery but if you are fashion conscious and also want to bag some bargains – have a browse. The range is huge and you just pay for delivery on top. The idea is that everything is £5 (as you may have realised haha). I’m talking clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and they even do childrenswear and homewares now.

I would highly recommend.

Penny Pincher Fashion – A blog by Kimberley who, like me, wants fashion on a budget. I love her ideas and style, as well as her career advice. Have a browse – that it something I will definitely be doing.

Have you got any blogs, websites or stuff you just want to share? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

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