A series of articles aimed at you, the introvert, to improve your confidence and learn to love yourself more using well-known self-assessment techniques.

Welcome to my new series!

I’ve not been sleeping very well recently. Not sure if it’s the change of job and routine or not, but this series is a result of that! Honestly, this epiphany couldn’t have come at a better time and I’m so grateful I had this brainwave!

I’m really excited to share this with you today.

Although this series is mainly aimed at introverts (as I am most definitely one of these and I find it easier to relate to other introverts), I’m not excluding the extroverts reading this right now (because you are also fabulous!).

The reason for this series has come about following emails I’ve been receiving recently. You are all fab, but I know that some of you find it difficult to know where to start. The feeling of being overwhelmed is tough and you struggle where to go. This series is going to help you with that.


A series of articles aimed at you, the introvert, to improve your confidence and learn to love yourself using self assessment techniques.


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This is what we’re going to do over the next four weeks (with week 5 finishing the series off). Don’t worry, though, as I’ll be linking to all posts at the end in case you missed any.

If you aren’t sure which one you are, you’re going to want to tune into part one of the series. I’ll be going through how you can find out which one you are, and will be including some useful links to check out.

So, our aims of this series are to help you:

– Learn more about how you work (brain-wise)
– Find out how you can apply this to everyday life
– Work out what areas of your confidence you want to work on (using the above)
– Use all of the above to allow you to love yourself that much more
– Conclude the series.

What resources you will need:

– A notebook (electronic or not) and pen/pencil to write with. That’s it!

I honestly think that self-reflection is really important for anyone who wants to improve their situation. Spending time thinking about our internal thought processes is a great way of reflecting on ourselves, hence the first two weeks. All of this experience I have gained during my work life have culminated into this series.

Why? It’s because although I’ve used self-reflection in work, it really helps me with my anxiety, too. The reasons for all of this:

-This series is going to help you realise that it’s okay to be an introvert in a very much extroverted world we live in.
– I’m going to walk you through how you play on your introverted strengths to win at life
– Most of all, though, I’m hoping that by reflecting on all of your strengths AND weakness, you’ll become more confident and love yourself more.

As we go along I’ll be updating the below with links s you can browse through easily! Here we are so far:

Stay tuned until next week when we begin week one!

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