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#IntrovertedBloggerSeries – A Series for Future Introverted Bloggers

Following the success of the previous introvert series I ran called Fabulous Introverts (all about being successful using self-reflection and assessment techniques whilst celebrating your introverted personality), I discovered a new one!

See I love the introverts of the world. I can relate on a personal level to introverts (mainly because I am one!), and can understand how you work. So, I thought I’d create a brand new series, dedicated to teaching you how to blog.

Let’s start shall we?!

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How to Prepare Your Workmates for Your Anxiety

Sharing your anxiety with workmates can be difficult. Finding the right and best way to prepare them for this can be really beneficial. Here are some of my best tips.

When you have anxiety, work can be one of the main triggers of anxiety. For example, fearing that you’ll do the wrong thing, upsetting your colleagues (for ANY reason, and I mean that haha!), not making your customers happy, the list goes on.

So how do you let your colleagues know that you have anxiety? More importantly, overcome the fear that they will change your opinion of you? Or worse, judge you?

I’ve lived with anxiety for a number of years now. There has been some pretty hellish times, but I’ve also had some of the best experiences of my life. You see, although anxiety is debilitating, you can make it work with work. You don’t need to spend your time at work afraid that it’ll let slip.

You certainly shouldn’t feel judged by your workmates over it.

From this experience, I’ve decided to collate some of my best tips for you if you’re worried about telling people at work about your mental health. Some of these are going to be harder than others, granted. But, hopefully it’ll help you break the ice with your workmates, and relieve some of the anxiety you feel over your anxiety!

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Mental Health Awareness Week – Fundraising, Tips and Getting Involved

If you didn’t know, this week (8th to the 12th May 2017) is dedicated to raising awareness of mental health. This is something very close to my heart; as I too was diagnosed with anxiety a few years back. This experience is the very reason why I started the blog off and I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences with you all ever since.

I decided to dedicate this post today to Mental Health Awareness Week, including where to find help if you need it, and how you can get involved in promoting mental health at your work place.

Want to know more? Read on…

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Week 4 – I Am Ready to Love My Introverted Personality

Hello and welcome to week 4 of Fabulous Introverts!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the series so far, I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you!

What we’ve covered so far:

In the first week, we covered how to find out what personality type you are (if you came up as an extrovert this is totally okay too, I just focus more on the introvert side of things). I explained what this all means and where to find out more information.

In week two we covered the main points to pick out for your personality, and how to build on them. We focused on the positives too, as being negative isn’t the aim of the game with this.

In this post, I showed you have to group your positives together so to keep your goals smaller and more organised. Then, we talked about putting these skills into action. For example, if helping others is a skill of yours, I showed you some fo the ways you can start doing this.

So by now, you should know what personality type you are, how you can apply your personality type into everyday life, and how to focus on the areas to increase your confidence. We’ve gone through this logically so you can pinpoint exactly where you were, and where you want to be.

Let’s now look at how you can put all of this into further action steps, and feel comfortable in your own skin.

**WARNING – long post alert haha 🙂 **

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