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7 Things That Introverts Do Differently

Are you an introvert? Do you feel like being an introvert is a bad thing? It’s not. Here are seven reasons why!

Are you an introvert? Do you feel like being an introvert is a bad thing? It’s not. Here are seven reasons why!

Introverts get really rough press. It is widely known that the extroverts get all of the attention and are often perceived as being more successful. Being an introvert myself, I often struggle with this notion. Quiet confidence is something that I much prefer in a person and connect on a deeper level with introverts as a whole.

Today, I want to debunk this myth. And when I say myth, I mean it, too. Thinking that introverts can’t be successful is a belief that belongs well and truly in the past.

Don’t believe me?

Would you ever think that Steven Spielberg, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are introverts? I know I wouldn’t, thanks to Those three, highly successful people are just a few of the introverts in this world that have done very well for themselves.

Still, don’t believe me?

Here are 7 reasons why introverts are actually the best, and what they do differently:

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Panic at the Anxiety Disco Number Six

Anxiety tips, videos, images and fun

Welcome to another edition of Panic at the Anxiety Disco. Can you believe we’re at week 6 already? I definitely can’t!

If you missed last week’s edition, you can read it here.

If you missed my recent YouTube video (an edited version of a Facebook Live I did recently on anxiety), you can also check that out here. I had a special guest with me which you need to check out!

Anyway. On to today’s fresh media hot off the press for you.

The image below left me feeling inspired and wanting to share it with you today. See, we oftentimes forget about ourselves when it comes to coping with life. Have you heard of the phrase, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”?

The same applies here. How can you love anyone else if you can’t love yourself? Although I appreciate that this might not apply to everyone right now – I do think it’s worth remembering.

THE best media to help inspire you. Whether its video/images/other types of media, there will be something to inspire you. Enjoy!My honest opinion on this is that you deserve self-respect. The last thing I’d want you to be a victim of is someone taking advantage of that. So if there’s anything you take away from this today, it’s this:


Don’t ever feel like you’re not, because you are. You were placed on this planet in this crazy world of ours for a reason. Don’t let it go to waste. Keeping fighting, day by day. Even if all you do is get out of bed in the morning – that’s totally okay too.

On a side note with this, here are some related blog posts you might enjoy:

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That’s it from me today. This Friday I have a special post on the making for you (completely satire/irony, but totally worth the laugh).

Speak to you Friday!

Love from Jess x x

Panic at the Anxiety Disco #4

Anxiety tips, videos, images and fun

Week four of Panic at the Disco and I have some updates for you!

Firstly – I am writing this from a NEW LAPTOP I HAD DELIVERED ON SUNDAY!! Why am I so excited about this?

  1. I’ve not owned a good laptop for about 3 years
  2. I can now play Sims 4!!!
  3. I now have the power to edit to my heart’s content and upload lots of new video for you, my lovely readers.

So, as you can see, I am mildly excited, as well as OVER THE MOON in knowing I can help you guys in the long run. See, if you read the last Panic at the Anxiety Disco, I mentioned the move towards video and YouTube. A lot of you have told me you like watching my tips on video (either live or edited), and I love producing this for you.

Want to see a picture of out?! If you didn’t, too bad! Here it is:

To give you an idea on how big this thing is, it covers my legs completely. Don’t get my wrong – I planned this but I’m still majorly surprised how big it is. Anyway – enough about me!

Let’s get onto the image I wanted to share to you today. The image below could be classed as an affirmation but today I want you to see this as a nice, gentle reminder:


This image is important for a few reasons.

The thing is, none of us should take ANY notice of what others think of us. But we do. That is completely normal as a human – we are always comparing and it’s a very normal trait to have. But that doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

The other reason? That it is NOT selfish to look after yourself and decide to be happy. We all deserve this, no matter what other people think of you. YOU are important – you matter, too.

So, I want you to take this reminder and know that you are worthy.

Speak to you soon my lovely!!

Jess x x


Relieve Anxiety by Decluttering Your Home

How does decluttering your home help with your anxiety? Throwing away and tidying has a positive effect on anxiety. Read more here.

Research in Great Britain showed that on average, Britons spend 15 hours a week stressed out about work, health, money and love. And when asked how they cope with it, most of the respondents stated decluttering as the main activity they go to when they want to relieve the anxiety.

According to the poll conducted by Kärcher, a global brand dedicated to developing improvements in cleaning technology, positive effects of decluttering are experienced after 13 minutes as claimed by the 60% of 2000 respondents.

The poll results stated that respondents felt peacefulness and calm after cleaning up their homes, with three of ten stating they start tidying up as soon as they return from work as a method to de-stress.

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How To Get Yourself Out Of an Anxiety Funk

Pulling yourself out of a bad time is hard, especially when all you want to do is sleep. Read this for some helpful tips and help to get yourself going.

Okay so firstly – disclaimer. I’m far from perfect and find it difficult to pull myself out of a funk, too. When I’m stressed and anxiety likes to control me, the last thing I want to do is pull myself together. All I want to do is play on my phone and watch TV in bed.

This post is just an example to show you that I’m not perfect either. It’s taken 2 weeks to publish this. But, there’s nothing healthy about hiding away from the world, and it’s a good idea to have some tools in your arsenal to help you out of it.

So, here are my best tips to help you get out of a funk, and back to normality, from someone that understands.

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