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Creating Your Own Self-care Toolkit For Your Mental Health

What do you do when things get tough? Where do you turn when the last thing you want to do is take care of yourself? Create a kit of your own with these tips!

As an anxiety sufferer, you may or may not have heard about self-care toolkits (other names include self-care packages, kits, boxes, etc). I’d certainly not heard about them until a few months ago. So what exactly are self-care kits and why should you have one?

A selfcare kit is a location/box/bag where you keep trinkets and items that you can turn to when you need to calm down. It’s like a mini retreat you can escape to when anxiety/stress is getting a bit too much. Imagine escaping to a far away island. That’s what a selfcare kit is there for when you’re struggling.

Personally I think they are a great idea and everyone should have one, anxiety or not. That’s the great thing about selfcare kits, we can all be united in our selfcare mission!

What do you do when things get tough? Where do you turn when the last thing you want to do is take care of yourself? Create a kit of your own with these tips!

But seriously though, selfcare is really important. In fact I’ve written a VERY long post about this before. You can read that here. It includes a free download to go with it!

What self-care is not:

  • Selfish – you can’t pour from an empty cup and need to look after yourself before you can look after others
  • Self-absorbed – those who say people who look after themselves self-absorbed don’t understand the importance of selfcare
  • Unnecessary – point above applies here, too

What self-care does mean:

  • You’re acknowledging there is a problem and are using this as a way of dealing with it, before things get worse
  • You’re avoiding burnout
  • Looking after your body and mind at the same time (a holistic approach, if you will)
  • Taking some much needed alone time
  • Taking a well-deserbed break
  • Getting a bit of peace and quiet

So now you understand why it’s important to practise self-care, let’s look at getting a box and where you can store in it.

What do you do when things get tough? Where do you turn when the last thing you want to do is take care of yourself? Create a kit of your own with these tips!

First things first, you need somewhere/something to store your items in. If you don’t want an actual box of sorts, a corner or area to keep your items will do. Maybe you could dedicate a drawer to your items instead? It’s private but easily accessible at home.

But, if you feel like having a box of some kind, then there are lots of choices online/in the shops. If you’re from the UK, Wilkinson’s and Asda have lots of storage boxes in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Once you’ve got your box sorted out, how do you decide what goes in it?

This part is completely up to you now. Only you can decide what to put in it. After all, this is your box and no-one else’s. In fact no-one even has to know about it. It really is all for you.

Sill not sure what to put in it? Here are some ideas for you:

  • A soft toy
  • A cute stress ball
  • A colouring book
  • A notepad/journal and pens
  • Moisturiser to pamper yourself a bit
  • Body scrubs
  • Bubble bath stuff
  • A nice comfy blanket
  • Your favourite cushion
  • Tea diffusers
  • Herbal teas to go with your diffuser
  • Manicure/pedicure items for pampering yourself
  • Oil diffusers and some essential oils
  • Multivitamins
  • Face masks/eye masks
  • A good book
  • Notes of gratitude (you’ll need to write these yourself!)
  • Affirmations that you find particularly helpful
  • Breathing exercises you’ve made a note of and that work for you

The list could go on but I thought I should stop there! But, essentially, you’re creating a box where you feel comfort when you may need it most. It’s a break from reality for a few minutes/for as long as you need. They are great.

What do you do when things get tough? Where do you turn when the last thing you want to do is take care of yourself? Create a kit of your own with these tips!

On that note, my new little online store on a small space on the internet is now open! If you sign up (follow the link below to sign up), you’ll get a 10% discount off your first purchase! Did I mention FREE worldwide shipping for all, forever?!!!

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How can you practise self care other than having your own kit?

self-care boxes work for some but not for others. As you may well know, what works for you may not work for me or others. It’s important to figure out what really helps you when it comes to calming down/looking after yourself.

So, if a self-care box doesn’t work for you, here are some more ideas to consider:

  • Go for a walk on your own, in nature
  • Try meditation
  • Try grounding techniques to help keep you in the present#
  • Get your hair done at a salon
  • Get a manicure/pedicure
  • Take up a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try
  • Write in a journal and express your feelings on paper
  • Start a blog for your own personal enjoyment
  • Buy yourself a bottle of wine
  • Heck, by yourself some chocolate/snack of choice
  • Go to a coffee shop and enjoy some cake and/or coffee
  • Dance to some music
  • Make yourself some healthy smoothies
  • Get a pet (if you are able to look after it properly and be responsible – something I question myself on daily!)
  • Pet your cat/dog if you already have one
  • Go to an art gallery/museum

And so on. As you can see, whatever you decide to do, it’s all for you. It’s not being selfish or being a loner. It’s about doing what you want to do and not worrying about anyone else at the same time.

The thing is, if you don’t take care of yourself, you probably are in no position to help others. For me, that’s major. I put myself last pretty much all the time but I’ve realised its not good or healthy.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below, or in Insta – click below now:

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**EXCLUSIVE** Panic at the Anxiety Disco Number Seven

Anxiety tips, videos, images and fun

Well, we’re on week 7 of this ongoing series! I have a treat for you today (although you might already be aware haha), an exclusive, if you will!

So, I’ve been quite pre-occupied recently with general day to day life, as well as exhaustion and a stomach bug. But whilst I’ve been laid up in bed, I had the best Idea ever. If you’re part of my mailing list you may already know what I’m about to say, but here is a little background for those that aren’t.

This blog is dedicated to helping you live your best live possible, no matter your mental or physical health. But, I realised I was being a massive hypocrite and not even following my own advice. I don’t like that feeling at all, although I have bad days, too. I suffer from lack of confidence and low self-esteem just like you do.

But then something twigged in me. I decided that I wouldn’t keep putting myself off and do something that has always been in the back of my mind.

I’m talking owing my own little space on the internet to sell wellbeing and anxiety-helping wares. And as of last night, my little shop has been born! Although we’re not live yet, it’s starting to feel VERY real – it’s Instagram page has nearly 70 followers at the time of writing this, and I only created it yesterday!!

So today, as part of this usual edition of Panic at the Anxiety Disco, I want to share something of mine, that I’m sure you will love!

Launch day is the 28th November 2017.

It’s a budget-friendly, open and honest shop with shining customer service (those are our shop principles). Items start from as little as £2.50.

You can sign up to exclusive discounts, updates, the inside scoop and more, just by clicking the link below:


I’ll updating you guys as things happen but this is the best way to stay in touch. You can see a sneak preview as to what sort of products you can expect to see on this page, too.

If you prefer, you can also follow along on Instagram where I’m showcasing some of the amazing products due to land on the 28th November. Oh and did I mention that there is FREE world-wide shopping for all, FOREVER??

So thank you for taking the time to read this today. I’ll be writing a blog post as normal for Friday, and working towards making the shoppe perfect for you.

Last but not least:

wellbeing, anxiety and mental health shop for your everyday needsLots of love from Jess x x

[PART 1] 7 Things That Happy People Don’t Do + FREEBIE

What’s the deal with happy people? How do they just seem to be so happy? What do they have that we haven’t got? Here are some of my best tips in helping you achieve happiness (despite anxiety).

Now, I’m not proclaiming that I am happy ALL of the time. No one can be happy all of the time. sadness, anger, frustration, etc. are all valid emotions that we should feel as a human. Unfortunately, those feelings are part of daily life and if you don’t feel these emotions, you’re probably a lamp post. Haha.

But these tips will certainly help you along the way. Anxiety and poor mental health can really bring you down (plus bring out those not-so-nice emotions we try to avoid), so these tips will surely help you.

This post today is part one (as I got to 750 words and only addressing point 1-3!) You can read the next post soon.

Let’s go!

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How To Be Happy Despite Your Anxiety

Unhappy right now? What actually is happiness? Why do we chase happiness and is happiness the meaning of life? Here’s some answers for you!

As a human being, I’m always looking at ways to improve my over all happiness. After all, who actually wants to be unhappy? Whether it comes to home life, work life or your hobbies there’s always room for improvement.

See, when it comes to anxiety, it can really affect your happiness, too. It decreases your self-worth, confidence and self esteem – leading to a general bleak outlook on life. We don’t what that now do we?!

Below you’ll find my best tips on being happy despite your anxiety.

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You Are Worthy – Three Little Words With the Power to Change Your Life

Today we have a guest post from the lovely Julie of Filling the Jars. Enjoy!

We’re bombarded with perfection every day. All of social media constantly shows us the perfection that exists for everyone else. It’s so easy to feel like we don’t measure up when we start to think like this:

I need to be prettier.

I need to have an amazing job.

I need to be slimmer.

I need to make more money.

I need to be a better mother/wife/girlfriend.

I need to be more stylish.

I need to create gourmet meals every night.

I need to clean and decorate my home perfectly.

I need to do all. the. things.

How do you combat the feelings of never being good enough, of never doing enough? Is it even possible?

Yes, it is possible, and I’m going to give you some suggestions for doing just that.

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