Why will a bullet journal improve your mental health? Goals, tracking your health and anxiety, organisation are just a few. Read more here!

I’ve always enjoyed keeping a journal, keeping organised and doodling. but I only discovered an actual thing that encompasses all of those things together. It’s called a bullet journal. Not heard of it before? No, nor did I just a few months ago! I’d heard of notebooks, sure, but nothing that meant I could organise my entire life in one place.

Enter the bullet journal.

The basic idea behind it is that you create your own pages, or spreads, which contain yearly, monthly, weekly and daily information. You can use any paper to hand, but I’m currently using dotted squared paper. This helps keep everything neat and tidy, but allows room for drawing too. Yes, you draw in it too (I was literally like O.M.G. when I found this out).

For those who don’t like the rigidness of a normal planner, this allows you to design the pages how you want to see them. You can also keep tracking of your habits, more commonly known as habit trackers. These pages can contain things like blog stats, exercise numbers, numbers of hours sleep each night, etc. You can make it anything you like.

That’s what I love about the bullet journal. You can make it how you want it, and it’s actually a very therapeutic process as well. Plus, it’s not just for bloggers either – anyone can get benefit from it.

So why do you need it in your life? Why am I raving about it so much? It’s because I got one for christmas and I am already seeing the benefits of using one.

Here are the reasons why YOU need one in your life (psst. there are five very good reasons below!):

Why will a bullet journal improve your mental health? Goals, tracking your health and anxiety, organisation are just a few. Read more here!

A Bullet journal helps to keep you insanely organised

As mentioned above, you can choose to design yearly, monthly, and daily pages, at any point of the year. This is just something that doesn’t come with standard planner. Sure they are added, but they leave little room for notes and drawings. I don’t know about you but I love adding notes, the colourful the better, all over my planner. The bullet journal allows you to do this but with more space available.

As well as the above, you can choose to use it as much or as little as you like. For me, I have to know what I’m up to at least the week ahead. To help this I created a week spread ready for the first week in January. I’ve already planned out when I’ll be publishing new blog content, and when I will be exercising. My shifts at work don’t change, which helps me plan my mornings and evenings in the bullet journal.

It really is a no brainer for those looking to structure their life a bit better.

Why will a bullet journal improve your mental health? Goals, tracking your health and anxiety, organisation are just a few. Read more here!

It’ll help you set goals and stick to them

I love goals – I think everyone should have them. You can read more about how to set yourself some goals here and here (just in case you hadn’t started on the goal mctrain yet). I say this to you now as we all need something to look forward to. It’s okay to accept your life, but if you don’t want to strive for me you’ll end up getting bored.

Now I know that if you have anxiety or depression, it can make it really hard to motivate yourself. This is where a bullet journal will come in really handy for you. Building up the energy to get started is tough, especially when you’re in the throws of anxious thoughts. I’d suggest just sitting down and drawing. After all, this is also a big part of a bullet journal. Do some doodles or just let the pen/pencil write for a while without thinking. You could even write down some of your thoughts in it (like you would a journal).

Not only will this take your mind off your own internal thoughts, but it’ll having a soothing effect too. Drawing can really help those suffering from stress or anxiety. I’d even say it’s probably as good as going for a brisk walk (although exerice is important too).

Don’t believe me? I dare you to give it a go!

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You can track your mental health progress and create improvements

Another great aspect of the buttlet journal is a little something I mentioned above. You can track your good and bad habits, track your sleeping patterns, and even monitor your mood. Since starting my bullet journal on christmas day (2 days ago), I’ve already created a mood tracker for the rest of the year.

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All you need is a page and 365 boxes! I then created 5 boxes, ranging from a very smiley face to a very sad face (with the obligatry colours to go with :). I intend to use this to see highs and lows in my mood, and what caused it. By analysing my mood behaviour I can work out solutions (or to limit whatever caused it next time). Personal reflection does works wonders for those with anxiety.

Forgetful? It’ll help with that too

I am insanely forgetful. If I don’t write everything down, it’s gone like the wind. So, in an effort to try and be thoughtful (through birthdays, events, etc), I use my bullet journal to keep organised and remember all the things.

Remember how I mentioned the yearly and monthly spreads? Well I now use these to note important dates coming up (and for the rest of the year). So currently I’ve been able to note birthdays, blog posts and upcoming events like New Years Eve and New Years Day. Okay okay I don’t normally forget important dates like that. But it does help to jog my memory in knowing what needs to be bought/planned for. Without this, I just know that something will be forgotten.

See the trouble with anxiety is that is makes you forgetful. There’s just so much going around in that head of yours that it pushes out the seemingly improtant tasks for the little ones. That’s why I need help with this. Does this sound familiar? You may find a bullet journal useful for you too.

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It helps support your stationary addiction

I keep this very secret. My other half is only just discovering my addiction to coloured pens, pencils, cute rubbers, stamps, sticky things, stickers and pencil cases. Luckily I’ve not shown my true colours on this yet (shhh let’s keep this between you and me).

But on a more serious note, you now have a reason to pick up all of the pretty stationary items that you’ve always wanted. Just taking a browse through Instagram by searching bullet journal wll show you what’s on offer. Oh how I wish money was unlimited and my bank balance reproduced money on tap.

Now I know this doesn’t necessarily improve your mental health directly, but it does help give you something to focus on. It’ll help distract you from your thoughts, as mentioned above, but the feeling of accomplishment after finishing your design/drawings will be great. Also if you didn’t know already, repetitive movements actually act as a soothing effect for those with anxiety (things like walking and running work well because of this).

So really, you’re actually doing yourself a favour by buying stationary. 🙂

Why will a bullet journal improve your mental health? Goals, tracking your health and anxiety, organisation are just a few. Read more here!

As you can see, I’m not just telling you to get yourself a bullet journal because I love them, but because they do help improve your mental health. I’ve mentioned that they are fab for setting yourself goals (to give you something to look forward to and work towards), but also have a therapeutic effect for you and your anxiety.

Although picking up the supplies are an initial investment, I am confident it’ll help you in being organised and highly productive.

By the way, do you want to sign up to my FREE 7-day eCourse if you’re feeling overwhelmed? Just put your details in below to get started:

What do you think? Do you write/draw for your anxiety through your bullet journal? I’d love to hear from you!

4 comments on “Why You Need a Bullet Journal in Your Life for Your Mental Health”

  1. I have PTSD, and it’s hard for me to get anything done. I use my bullet journal every day to list what I am going to accomplish. It’s not a lot of things, but even getting little things done helps a lot.

    Once I have written something down, I tend to do it more. It’s like there is something driving me. Otherwise, I can waste the day away and get very little done.

    • Hi, Sue, I know EXACTLY how you feel. It’s really hard to motivate yourself when the simplest of things become a marathon. It’s good to hear though that your bullet journal is helping, though. Sometimes it feels like it’s the only thing keeping me going!

      I also agree on writing things down. My memory is atrocious so it’s the only way I remember! Here’s to a productive 2017 🙂

  2. Beautiful article! Writing things down helps me to stay organized, track my goals, get clear on my desires and what actions I need to take in order to achieve them!
    Sending you love and light! 😊💗


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