A budget works wonders for those with anxiety. Learn these easy tips to help you manage your budget, money worries and anxiety now! Plus, there’s a free eCourse on offer for those feeling overwhelmed <3

Money for me is the bane of all evil. Honestly, I’m not even exaggerating!

It’s the cause of most of my anxiety. It creates terror, worry and extreme stress when the littlest of things go wrong. What’s more, I worry about money issues even before they do go wrong (that’s if they do – most of the time it doesn’t go wrong).

I realised this when I was at university money was tight. Not only was I worried about my assignments, but the fact that I had £7 to live off for the week. I’d take a trip to the local supermarket counting up all of the prices. It was bad times indeed.

So now, I have to be organised with money. I need a budget to allow my brain to actually function day to day. Without it, I become an anxious sweaty mess.

As you can see, for me a budget works wonders for my anxiety. But there are some pretty good reasons as to why maybe you should sort one out too.

Here they are:

A budget works wonders for those with anxiety. Learn these easy tips to help you manage your budget, money worries and anxiety now! Plus, there's a free eCourse on offer for those feeling overwhelmed <3

It reduces worrying

If you’re like me then worrying about money is a pretty big thing in your life. Working out your income and expenditure allows you to work out what you can and can’t spend, and relieve some of the pressure you may be feeling day to day.

The first step would be to work out how much money is coming in (work, savings, etc.). Once you have that, go through your expenditures ruthlessly. When I say ruthlessly, I mean it. There’s no point ignoring things that you know you spend money on from your budget. If you do this, you’re only lying to yourself and it won’t help your situation.

Quite often I find that just writing down all of this eases a little anxiety just by doing it. Being harsh on myself when it comes to the budget means that I can’t hide from myself anymore. You know what I mean. Those sneaky chocolate bars at work, the bottle of wine in the week, I could go on.

It lets you gain back control

A lot of anxiety sufferers like to have control over situations that can be controlled. Or, you like to have control over things you can’t control. Me being one of those. A budget is perfect for this, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

So, even if you’ve got a partial budget or just a few ideas in your head, write it down. Work out what your spending in each area of your life. Here are some ideas:

  • Clothes shopping
  • Food
  • Alcohol
  • Going out
  • Insurance (any type)

And so on. The more you know about what you’re spending, the better equipped you will be to control it. Once you’ve got a handle on your budget, you can work at ways to bring those costs down. This is perfect for anxiety sufferers.

You can choose to spend money on yourself for once

For me, I seriously guilt trip myself when I want to spend money on myself. I ALWAYS feel bad for doing it, even if I know I shouldn’t. So by introducing a budget, and sticking to it allows for a little room here and there.

Now that you know where and when you are spending your money, you can be guilt-free in knowing you could buy yourself some nice clothes for a change. Maybe you like makeup but it’s on the expensive side. This is where you can really treat yourself to a bit of self-loving.

Don’t feel bad the next time you want to spend a lil money on yourself. As an anxiety sufferer, it can be very easy to sabotage your self-worth. Don’t let it, and enjoy living while you still can.

It allows for future planning

Anxiety tends to produce personalities that are either obsessed about being organisated, or useless at it. I don’t know anyone in between that scale! For me, I’m on the obsessive spectrum where I have to know exactly what’s going on, when. But I know that anxiety can make it hard to concentrate on tasks and focus on future planning.

Whichever way you look at it, a definitive budget can help either of you. when your mind is well and truly stuck in the past, bring it forward to the RIGHT NOW. Allow yourself to focus on what’s going on right now and get that budget sorted. If you enjoy being organised like me, this’ll come a lot easier to you.

Once you have your budget, you can plan holidays, days out and events. You can save up money to ease the worry over money and have an emergency fund. A budget can be great for those with anxiety.

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Oh and if you’re interested, you are more than welcome to join hundreds of others on my free 7-day ecourse for those feeling overwhelmed:

As you can see, a budget can work wonders for those with anxiety. Being completely honest with yourself is the first step. Being honest with yourself allows you to air out anything you’re hiding and relieve the pressure you may be putting on yourself. I’d wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone worrying about money right now.


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