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#IntrovertedBloggerSeries – Starting Your Blog (Step by Step)

Welcome to week 2 of the blog’s new series, #IntrovertedBloggerSeries.

Today I’m going to be walking you through the exact steps to starting up a blog.

How do you actually start a blog? Do you pay for it from the get-go? What platform should you use? What should you consider being an introvert and blogging during this whole process? After all, there is actually a lot to consider!

But first though, what actually is blogging? How did blogs come around and who started it? Everyone knows what they are now, but what’s the history of it?

Let’s take a look at it’s history:

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#IntrovertedBloggerSeries – Why is blogging good for introverts?

Blogging is great for the introverts out there. I know this because I am one of them. Blogging really has changed my life and it could change your life, too.

**Apologies for the delay**

As you know, we’re nearly at one and a half years of Modern Day Girl Blog being live – wow. Who would have thought that I’d still be writing here once or twice a week consistently for that long? I certainly didn’t think I’d still be around.

But since starting the Fabulous Introverts Series recently, I’ve forgotten how much I love running a series, but also how much I love focussing on the introverts of the world. I’m a proud introvert and I can’t imagine living life any other way.

I’ll never be that person standing in front of crowds easily and giving speeches. I’ll never be the first one to volunteer to attend conferences (as the thought of that many people in one room scares me silly!) or any social events like that.

Instead, I’ve learned to understand myself better, run with my qualities (and negatives), and to know that introverts don’t need to change for anyone or anything.

Blogging really has helped me figure this out and I don’t think I’d be sitting here with these thoughts today without it. I am a firm believer that you should never try and change who you are (unless you want to – which is absolutely okay too), and play on your strengths.

So today we start a new series for those introverts among us who want to get into blogging. Alas I don’t know it all, but I can surely share my experience in the blogosphere so far.

Not sure why to start? This week we’re going to spend time thinking about why blogging might be a good choice for you, the lovely introvert you are.

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Reclaiming Your Life: Positive Influences That Restore and Maintain Mental Health

Today we have a guest post all about improving and maintaining your mental health. Although directed towards addictions, these tips can be applied to those with anxiety or depression, and more. How do you gain back control of your anxiety/depression? Cultivating good habits is one of them. Here are some more helpful tips to digest!

In many ways, people who have come to terms with addiction and are seeking to live clean lives again are starting over. There’s the need to let go of things that made it easier to drink or abuse drugs and replace them with positive influences that promote a higher level of emotional and mental well being.

Choosing to surround yourself with positive influences like these do more than help you keep your addiction under control. They also improve the quality of your life. Here are some examples of influences worth including in your new life.

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#IntrovertedBloggerSeries – A Series for Future Introverted Bloggers

Following the success of the previous introvert series I ran called Fabulous Introverts (all about being successful using self-reflection and assessment techniques whilst celebrating your introverted personality), I discovered a new one!

See I love the introverts of the world. I can relate on a personal level to introverts (mainly because I am one!), and can understand how you work. So, I thought I’d create a brand new series, dedicated to teaching you how to blog.

Let’s start shall we?!

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You Are Worthy – Three Little Words With the Power to Change Your Life

Today we have a guest post from the lovely Julie of Filling the Jars. Enjoy!

We’re bombarded with perfection every day. All of social media constantly shows us the perfection that exists for everyone else. It’s so easy to feel like we don’t measure up when we start to think like this:

I need to be prettier.

I need to have an amazing job.

I need to be slimmer.

I need to make more money.

I need to be a better mother/wife/girlfriend.

I need to be more stylish.

I need to create gourmet meals every night.

I need to clean and decorate my home perfectly.

I need to do all. the. things.

How do you combat the feelings of never being good enough, of never doing enough? Is it even possible?

Yes, it is possible, and I’m going to give you some suggestions for doing just that.

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