For anyone that has been following me and my journey to an anxiety-free life, this is a first time in a year I’ve had to write a post like this.

rencontre sérieuse en suisse romande Every week I’ve been sharing my tips with you in gaining back control over your anxiety, with some fun bits along the way. Unfortunately though, you’ll also know that you never really shake it. It’s always there in the back of your mind. Anxiety holds a grip that is immensely hard to shake, and is probably the only constant thing in your life (like it is for me).

oefenen met binaire opties Just because I blog about anxiety, doesn’t mean I don’t suffer from it too, and the past two weeks have shown that. I’ve been silent. I’ve been pushing people away, and doing the bare minimum to get by.

how many prescription charges for premarin Those who I work with will know that I’ve been suffering a bit on the work front. I’ve been putting all of my focus into my current job, but have found it hard to leave that stress at work.


mujeres solteras en espaа“ТБa 2017 Yes, this blogger has suffered burn out massively. You would have thought that I should know the signs by now. I did notice the signs, but I had ittle choice in just carrying on at the time (more on this in the ‘updates’ bit). The title of this blog post outlines exactly what I want to say to you today, in an effort to get back on the bandwagon and keep helping you.

An apology

follow site I want to say sorry. I know that anxiety is tough on your own and I started this blog to help some of you. I’ve failed on that front the past two weeks. I suppose this post is a way of holding myself accountable from now on, too. I’m writing this down now to help me remember why I started the blog in the first place, and to show you that I do still care.

go to site Something you need to be aware of if you have anxiety is that it affects the best of us. I know it’ll never really go away. I know that my medication is helping me and will continue to do so. Famous people suffer from anxiety, too. Anxiety does not descriminate based on race, religion, age, sex and everything in between. It doesn’t care.

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4 comments on “An Apology, an Update and a Thank You”

  1. HI!!!!! I only just this week found your blog, posts, or whatever they are called! I am 67, have three of my close family who have anxiety/depression! Your posts have helped me a lot in the last week so PLEASE, never feel you have to apologise!!! You have done some marvellous work in just helping me through this past week and BOY! do I know about relapses! A husband with depression /anxiety for 30 years and two kids (30 and 25 years) also suffering has meant I also sometimes do badly, but looking through your posts has been a tremendous help!!! Very many thanks indeed and keep up the good work WHEN YOU CAN and don’t worry when you can’t. A BIG thank You from me!

    • Hi Frances, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS COMMENT. Honestly, you’ve given me the motivation to continue with the blog when I felt like giving up. It sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate too so I know you will understand. I’m really glad that my blog has helped (and maybe help your children too?), and continues to do so. If you ever want to chat, I’m here to help!

  2. Glad you decided to take care of yourself! And glad you are back. Your new job sounds promising and I hope you continue to take care of yourself first. Your blog is wonderful and it’s ok to take a break. We will still be here. A big hug to you.

    • Thanks so much for your comment Sheila, it means a lot! I think that although I write all about anxiety, I’m not immune either and it’s really great to hear from you. Thanks for your support and giving me the motivation to carry on. It’s really appreciated 🙂

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