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This is number two of my weekly special, containing my discoveries over the past week. Hopefully you’ll find them interesting!

As you know, I’m all about being organised! There is a book review here which looks at “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” which has been sweeping the internet recently. I know I’ve been tempted by this book and Life Hacks provide a good review of the book.

Freecyle – This is another website which is not a new discovery for me but I have recently remembered it. The website is not-for-profit and unites items with new owners for free. It’s ideal for home movers in need of new furniture, or if you are looking to upcycle which I know is quite popular at the moment. Not only can you get rid of your unwanted items easily, but you can pick up new items for free. Great stuff!

For the fantastic fashionistas – Boohoo is great for trending fashion items at decent prices. I never seem to have enough money to shop here but I would highly recommend.

There is a great blog post here by J for Jen giving great ideas for bagging bargains at The Pound Shop! I’m a new converted frugal-er and love this post. I know this is a pound shop but you can never rule them out! Quality isn’t always great but have a read of the post as she gives good tips for bagging a bargain.

Grow your own vegetables from scraps! I shared my new project with work and think this is a great idea if you eat a lot of salad and vegetables – which I do! You might be surprised to know a lot of veg grows back in water without soil needed. Have a look at this page from Buzzfeed which shows you how to do it. I will certainly be doing this!

What have you found this week which you feel like you just have to share?!

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