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Month: October 2017

[VIDEO] Anxiety Question and Answer

Answering tough anxiety questions and giving my best advice.

Good morning all!

Today I’m answering your burning questions around via a Facebook LIve Q+A I did this week.

If you read my previous post, Panic At The Anxiety Disco #1, I updated you to let you know I’ve decided to move more towards video and images. Video is so much fun and I feel like we can really have a good connection. Plus, you get to ask me questions live!

So, in keeping to my word, I will now be doing live Facebook updates every week and uploading them here. Of course there will still be great written content here too, but I want to allow you access to a wide range of resources in helping you conquer your anxiety.

Scroll down below to see the video. Here is a bit more information on what we covered:

  • How do you live with anxiety on a day to day basis?

Essentially for me, I take every day as it comes on a day by day basis. I often find my anxiety either keeps me in the past or worrying about the future, so this can be hard sometimes. I also know my limits with certain situations so can avoid if necessary.

I always recommend you focus on the good things you do and try not to focus on the bad, as anxiety tends to let your mind run away with you. Reward yourself if you do something scary, too. Afterall, you deserve it!

  • What does anxiety feel like?

I went on to explain that for me, anxiety is very physical. I get shaky hands often which leads to paranoia that people might think I’m an alcoholic (crazy I know but my brain makes it feel 100% valid).

I also get chest tightness. With having asthma as well, this doesn’t feel good and hate the feeling of not being able to breathe. Not a good cimbination haha.

  • Viewer question – Are there any situations when your anxiety is worse?

Well my anxiety is always there and never really goes away! But it’s definitely worse when I’m in front of or generally ‘in’ large groups of people. Definitely don’t like those haha. But again it’s about knowing your limits really.

Oh and I do struggle to know how much personality I should let out when meeting new people. I can be a bit guarded but that usually fades away over time.

OK! Let’s get watching. Here is your video:

ENJOY, and I’ll see you next week 🙂

Panic At The Anxiety Disco #1

Anxiety tips, videos, images and fun

You might be wondering what the title is all about and questioning my mental health, no?

Okay, jokes aside, I’ve got a new ongoing series to reveal to you all today. Image and videos are all the rage nowadays and I find them much easier on the eye than a whole bunch of words sometimes. So, to help out my overwhelm and your boredom, I have a new series for you.

I call it, “Panic At the Anxiety Disco”, and it’s all about sharing thoughtful and meaningful media with you every Monday. I did think of calling it #MotivationMondays, but realised that wasn’t really suited to the blog and what I want to get across. Plus, I’m getting a bit bored of hashtags, are you?!

Ultimately though, sometimes images speak louder than words. It’s no wonder that Pinterest is all the rage nowadays. With future plans for the blog moving towards video, I felt the need to share something new.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this new series. It’s meant to be light hearted and fun so let’s enjoy that together!

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