Not sure what depression is or whether you suffer from it? How can you learn to cope better? This article offers some depression tips and how to help yourself.

I felt the need to address this topic today as I know that many of you reading this have or will be affected by depression at some point.

Mental health is a very big topic right now but I know I’ve not written much on this topic.

So, in an effort to provide you with the best, free content around mental health, today we’re talking depression.

As you know, the main area I struggle with is anxiety. But, when I was first diagnosed with anxiety (and was subsequently signed off work for 4 weeks in total), depression had taken it’s hold.

My doctor told me that those who have suffered from anxiety for a long time tend to suffer from mild to moderate depression as a result of this.

They said that this was normal, and that the effects of anxiety would bring anyone down after a long period of time. It meant that I’d been trying to stay strong for so long, it had come crashing down.

So although I’m not professing to know everything about depression, I know how it feels.

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