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Month: June 2017

#IntrovertedBloggerSeries The Tools You Need to Grow Your Blog

What tools do you need to grow your blog? What should you prioritise when you’re just getting started? Here are the best tools to get you going!

Last week we covered niches, and whether to niche or not. I explained about the benefits of having one, but also the benefits of not niching it up.

Today though, I’d like to show you the best blogging tools to get you going. It’s completely your choice whether you decide to take me up on these, but this is just what has worked for me.

So, in no particular order, here are the best tools I’ve come across in my 1.5 years of blogging:

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BBC Radio Nottingham Live Interview

I’m going to be on the radio! BBC Radio Nottingham are interviewing me about this not so little mental health blog. Details below!

Good morning all!

I hope you’re going well on this fine Wednesday morning. If you’ve missed any of my social media update over the past week, you might have seen that I, yes I, am being interviewed on BBC Radio Nottingham today! To say I’m a little nervous is a massive understatement!

I’m bricking it, basically.

Last week I received an email from one of the producers at BBC Radio Nottingham to be interviewed on the morning slot in the week. She said she’d discovered my blog through another blog (no idea which one!) and wanted me to share my story.

She herself said that she suffered with anxiety issues and we had a chat about how it all started some 4 years ago. We discussed medication, how this blog helps other people and my plans for the future. I was a very surreal call, I’ll tell you that!

So we arranged that I’d visit the studio today. It so happens that it’s raining here in sunny Nottingham, but this isn’t going to put a dampener on today at all. Never in a million years would I ever expect to be contacted by a radio station to talk about this little (or not so little anymore) space on the web.

Here is the video:

I'm going to be on the radio! BBC Radio Nottingham are interviewing me about this not so little mental health blog. Details inside!

In addition – Jessica Rose Life Coaching for Anxious People launches today, too.

Do you have anxiety and want DEFINITE CHANGE? Need a friend, want accountability and don't want to feel hopeless anymore? Book a free coaching call now!

Click here to read more on this now!

Thanks for tuning in, hope you found it insightful!

Jess x x

Feeling Stressed? 7 Ways to Create a Positive Mental Health Routine

Want to know the inside scoop on positively dealing with your mental health? Not sure how to get started? Here the best tips for you to try.

As you know, anxiety and poor mental health can be really hard to deal with. When you’re in the throes of panic and anxiety, it can be difficult to bring yourself back to the surface again.

That’s why I always recommend creating a positive mental health routine to minimise the impacts of anxiety, and help bring you back to feeling normal again. Although these tips aren’t a long term fix, they will surely help you in the long term.

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#IntrovertedBloggerSeries Finding your niche and whether you need a niche, too

Welcome to week three of my new series, #IntrovertedBloggerSeries. So far we’ve covered the pros and cons of blogging for introverts, and how to get set up with your blog (step by step).

This week we’re looking at niches, and whether you actually need one or not. This topic is controversial, and there are arguments for and against a niche or not-to-niche.

But what actually is a ‘niche’, though? In marketplace and in sales terms, it means:

Denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population. In practice, “other companies in this space had to adapt to being niche players”.

A niche is essentially a speciality. Think of restaurants that only serve Italian food. Or writers who specialise in children’s books. Those are niches.

Let’s get started and look at the pros and cons of each side.

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Fundraising at MIND Charity Shop Takeover & How You Can Do Your Bit

Ready to raise some cash for your chosen charity? Not sure what to do? There are photos and my best charity tips below.

Over the past few weeks, a couple of people from my workplace and I have been seriously and quietly planning. This year, Siemens’ chosen charity is Mind, the mental health charity. As you know, this topic is very close to home (especially with having anxiety myself), so I’m always up for helping to raise cash for a good cause.

The goal of the day: to raise as much money as possible for charity. How we would do this: spending time at the shop and running some activities to draw in the crowds.

Although new to the company, Siemens have really helped make me feel welcome. We get 2 days a year to volunteer during work time, which can be used during community events or fundraising days like this one.

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