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Month: January 2017

Is Your Routine All Over the Place? Fix it With These Easy Tips

Anxiety means you require normality in your life. Having a good routine helps with this. Learn more on getting your routine sorted here now!

If you have anxiety, having a proper routine can really help you. It helps lower anxiety and stress levels and allows you to cope better when a curve ball comes your way. Here are my top tips on getting that routine back in shape.

But why have a routine in the first place? As I briefly mentioned above, a good routine, that also helps you look after your well-being, is great for anxiety and other mental health issues. Anxiety tends to make you want normality in your life so that you know what you’re up to when (or at least that’s what it does to me anyway).

Although this may seem negative, as you’ll want to limit aspects of your life that cause anxiety, it does have a positive impact on your mental health too. We fly through life taking lots of granted and not always looking after ourselves. By having a good routine in place it allows you to plan out your day with intention and forces you to make time for yourself too.

In an effort to have control over my life, I have to have a routine. Any changes to it and it throws me off. But, because I’ve planned for changes, it helps me cope better when they happen.

So, here are my top ways that could help you fix your routine if you’re feeling a bit all over the place.

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Life Passing You By? Learn to Enjoy the Little Things, Anxiety or Not

Are you missing out on the simple pleasures in life because your anxiety controls you? Learn these tips on how to enjoy the little things.

Anxiety has this annoying trick where you forget the present and focus on the past or the future. You spend time on the larger, more catastrophic things in your life, and worry less about what is actually going on around you. So how do you stop this? How do you learn to

So how do you stop this? How do you learn to really enjoy the little things in life, the things that probably matter a lot more than you realise?

I’m going to tell you how. But first, a little story to help you put things into context (because I’ve also been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt).

Back in the day, when I didn’t know I had anxiety, when I thought I was normal, I was at university at one stage. Life was most definitely passing me by. The three years where every girl is meant to go out and experience life (life at university is pretty much like no other time in your life), I was a shaking mess.

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[VIDEO] How To Deal With Anxiety, Treatments and Final Thoughts

Happy Friday! If you’re part of my fellow followers, you’ll know that I did my first ever Facebook Live. It was a success! There were a few technical difficulties (like me having my tablet on mute, not opening the comments and not realising we weren’t even connected), but the overall response was great.

Thank you to everyone who watched patiently whilst I blabbered through my first live video. At one point there was 11 of you! Although to some this may seem small, knowing that 11 of you were watching at one point really helped me carry on. Knowing that I could answer your questions in person and give immediate help was a great feeling.

Look out for some more coming your way! I may even make this a weekly thing. It was actually really fun (despite the technical issues I had).

So, here are the bits that I covered (including the bits that aren’t included in the video due to no sound (lol…):

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What No one Tells You About Anxiety + FREE eCourse

When I was diagnosed with anxiety, no one told me what this entailed. I’d been living with it for a number of years before without even knowing. But the minute your issue is labelled as a disorder, things change. Whether it’s how people treat you in person, to how you see yourself, expect your world to be turned upside down.

So, in my efforts to help you along your way battling life suffering from anxiety, here are some tips to bear in mind:

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Why Having a Budget Can Help Sort Out Your Anxiety

A budget works wonders for those with anxiety. Learn these easy tips to help you manage your budget, money worries and anxiety now! Plus, there’s a free eCourse on offer for those feeling overwhelmed <3

Money for me is the bane of all evil. Honestly, I’m not even exaggerating!

It’s the cause of most of my anxiety. It creates terror, worry and extreme stress when the littlest of things go wrong. What’s more, I worry about money issues even before they do go wrong (that’s if they do – most of the time it doesn’t go wrong).

I realised this when I was at university money was tight. Not only was I worried about my assignments, but the fact that I had £7 to live off for the week. I’d take a trip to the local supermarket counting up all of the prices. It was bad times indeed.

So now, I have to be organised with money. I need a budget to allow my brain to actually function day to day. Without it, I become an anxious sweaty mess.

As you can see, for me a budget works wonders for my anxiety. But there are some pretty good reasons as to why maybe you should sort one out too.

Here they are:

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