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Month: December 2016

Why You Need a Bullet Journal in Your Life for Your Mental Health

Why will a bullet journal improve your mental health? Goals, tracking your health and anxiety, organisation are just a few. Read more here!

I’ve always enjoyed keeping a journal, keeping organised and doodling. but I only discovered an actual thing that encompasses all of those things together. It’s called a bullet journal. Not heard of it before? No, nor did I just a few months ago! I’d heard of notebooks, sure, but nothing that meant I could organise my entire life in one place.

Enter the bullet journal.

The basic idea behind it is that you create your own pages, or spreads, which contain yearly, monthly, weekly and daily information. You can use any paper to hand, but I’m currently using dotted squared paper. This helps keep everything neat and tidy, but allows room for drawing too. Yes, you draw in it too (I was literally like O.M.G. when I found this out).

For those who don’t like the rigidness of a normal planner, this allows you to design the pages how you want to see them. You can also keep tracking of your habits, more commonly known as habit trackers. These pages can contain things like blog stats, exercise numbers, numbers of hours sleep each night, etc. You can make it anything you like.

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7 of the Best Bits of Advice for Someone With Anxiety + FREE Workbook

What advice for anxiety is good? How do you know whether to take notice or not? Here are 10 of the best tips for anxiety sufferers! Don’t forget the free download to go with it (it’s below).

Sometimes it can be hard to know what advice for your anxiety is good, and what’s bad. I know this because I’ve done a whole bunch or research on the topic (to help me and you). I’ve spent even more time looking at funny/inappropriate/honest memes on anxiety too.

So, today I thought it would be good to go through some of the best piece of advice I’ve found and why. Pinterest is a wonderful thing! Haha. But on a serious note, if there is any advice to take note of, the quotes below should be it.

I’ve picked these out for you as personally, I’ve found them really helpful. They make you think about yourself and your anxiety, and how it affects you. Honestly, they are great. So, want to see em? Here they are!

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Seven Ways Dogs Help with Our Mental Health

How do our pets improve our mental health? What is it that lowers anxiety? Learn why pets help PSTD, depression and mental health here!

Today we have a guest post from Andy. Andy is the owner of Pet Gear Lab, a pet blog that provides information, humour, help and advice to pet owners. Enjoy!

There is an immediate joy that comes with owning a furry friend, especially dogs.  Our canine buddies are great companions – that’s why they hold the title of man’s best friend. Yet, few pet owners are familiar with the health benefits that comes along with snuggling or playing with a dog.

Today’s research shows that owning a dog can greatly improve your mental health. In fact, people suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or PTSD tend to recover quickly with the help of a dog.

But why? Well, here are seven scientifically proven reasons on how dogs help with our mental health.

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Things That People With Anxiety Do Differently

Ever wondered how different you are? Know someone with anxiety and want to know how they work? Read things that we do differently here, and don’t forget you can still sign up to my FREE eCourse!

We anxiety sufferers can be an odd bunch (joke haha). In this post, you’re going to get an idea as to what goes through the mind of typical anxiety sufferer (if you don’t suffer from it yourself). The only thing worth bearing in mind is that we are all vastly different too. What affects me and makes me work, might be completely different to you or your loved one.

I feel like a lot of the time it can be all doom and gloom with mental health. So this post is to bring a bit of lighthearted entertainment into your life and remind you that we are all special in our own way, anxiety or not.

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The Struggles of Supporting Your Partner Through Anxiety + FREE eCourse

Have someone close to you that suffers from anxiety? Here is some useful tips advice to help your loved one through it. Don’t be scared now and don’t your free eCourse to go with it!

Having a partner suffering from anxiety can be a tough experience. I know this because mine had to deal with me. Saying the right thing at the right time can be hard to judge. One minute they might be happy and calm, the next they could be having a full blown panic attack.

It’s a roller coaster all right. So how can you support your partner through it? What steps can you take to help them when you feel like nothing else works?

Here are some ideas for you and your partner, to help talk about it more…

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