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Month: November 2016

Worrying About Christmas With Your Anxiety? Read This Now + Get Your Download

Worrying about your anxiety during Christmas? I know how you feel. Here are some helpful tips and ideas to keep you sane during Christmas.

There’s something so magical about Christmas. It feels a little weird talking about it in November! But, it’s good to be prepared when it comes to your anxiety.

The thing is, Christmas is a time when family congregates together to spend time with each other. We forget sometimes that we don’t usually spend so much time together. It causes tension, stress and sometimes, arguments.

That definitely isn’t the point of Christmas and definitely doesn’t do your anxiety any good.

Thankfully, though, I’m here for you! I’ve gotten through a number of Christmas’s now without going completely mad.

Here are my ideas for you.

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6 More Ways to Fight Back Against Your Anxiety + FREE Download!

Anxiety is hard to deal with. Don’t avoid anxiety; use these helpful tips on helping you with your anxiety. Let’s improve your mental health!

Anxiety can rear its ugly head at any moment. Whether you’re just getting up in the morning, on the way to work/school, or just pottering around in your house, it could strike at any moment.

That’s the trouble with anxiety. You may never be able to predict when you might need a helping hand. You can’t predict when you’re about to have a panic attack, and that is scary.

I know I like to have control over certain aspects of my life. Losing control or putting my life into someone else’s hand is really hard for me. Have little or no control causes anxiety and panic. Sound familiar?

These sorts of feelings can range from very simple tasks to difficult ones. I know that I struggle to leave the house sometimes. It is based on a number of different factors. Who am I with? Where am I going?

How am I going to get there? Will it be busy? Will I be on time? What time do I need to leave? The list goes on.

So, in my efforts to help you with your anxiety, whether it’s mild or strong, here are some of my own techniques I use:

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